My name is Michelle Mayer & I am the creative behind Tidy Dog Mom.

I recently moved out of NYC with my husband & two pitbulls Cali & Archie & am now adjusting to the suburban lifestyle.

Over the past few years I’ve transitioned from working full time in corporate America to becoming a full time Blogger, Etsy Shop owner, Stay at Home Wife & Dog Mom.

During this time I learned how to train two large dogs from puppyhood as well as how to run a household efficiently & keep it clean & tidy. (Even with two big dogs!)

The Tidy Dog Mom is a blog dedicated to helping all of the stay at home dog moms (and working dog moms) stay at the top of their game when running their house & raising their dogs.

As a Homemaker & Certified Life Coach, my main goal is to help you learn how to manage everything that comes with running a home in a productive & healthy way.

I focus on getting back to the basics with dog training, natural cleaning methods, holistic self care, & keeping a green household.

I’m excited for you to join me on this journey of making a dog house a dog home. Let’s learn together & focus on improving something a little bit each day!

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Tidy Dog Mom