My name is Michelle Mayer & I am the creative behind Tidy Dog Mom.

I recently moved out of NYC with my husband & two pitbulls Cali & Archie & am now adjusting to the suburban lifestyle.

Over the past few years I’ve transitioned from working full time in corporate America to becoming a full time Blogger, Etsy Shop owner, Stay at Home Wife & Dog Mom.

During this time I learned how to train two large dogs from puppyhood as well as how to run a household efficiently & keep it clean & tidy. (Even with two big dogs!)


Cali is a 5 year old brindle blue nose pitbull that we got from a Craigslist ad when she was 12 weeks old.

Originally she was the runt of the litter and the family who owned the mom was going to keep her but they ended up not having the room.

I first met Cali when my husband plopped a tiny puppy in the bed while I was sleeping and woke up to tiny puppy kisses.

Cali was our first dog so we had a bit of a learning curve when it came to training.

My husband and I both worked at the time so Cali was home alone a lot, which made potty training difficult. We also discovered early on that Cali loves to shred toys (we’ve had 3 shredded couches to prove it).

After the 1st year we realized that Cali was quite a unique character.

Cali is sort of a loner and prefers more to shred a toy in the corner by herself than to play with new dogs. She can also sense when there is tension in a room, so she’ll chase her tail to make people laugh.

Cali is also super obsessed with my husband since he spent more time with her as a puppy. She’s learned how to open doors and jump 5 ft fences just to find out where he is.

She’s even broken out of a hotel room just to find us. That’s dedication right there!


Archie is a 1.5 year old red nose pitbull that my husband got me for Christmas in 2019. We got him when he was only an 8 week old blob of fur.

From day one we could tell that he was going to have a strong personality when he marched right up to Cali and started barking at her to play with him.

Archie is much more vocal than Cali and makes all kinds of noises throughout the day. He even barks in his sleep sometimes!

Archie was definitely a good match for Cali and really pulled her out of her shell.

When Cali was a puppy she was attacked at the dog park by another dog so she has major trust issues when it comes to other dogs. So with Archie constantly poking fun and climbing all over her, she finally got to socialize with another dog in a healthy way.

Cali wasn’t too happy at first having another dog in the house, but Archie is a consistent puppy, and after a few months he won over her heart. Now they’re besties!

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