Alpha IQ: The Best Brain Game for Dogs

Did you know that just 10-15 minutes of mental exercise is more exhausting for your dog than 4 hours of physical exercise?

And did you know that nosework is one of the most important exercises for your dog’s brain?

That’s right. Nosework stimulates the same parts of the brain as when you’re teaching them a new trick. New brain connections are made, resulting in a smarter, calmer pooch.

In nature, dogs were made to sniff through grass and plants in order to find prey.

At home, many dogs lose this skill because anything they need is given to them by their owners.

Introducing Alpha IQ. The challenging game to get dogs to hone in on their natural skills and practice their nosework in the comforts of home.

To use Alpha IQ:

1. Use your dog’s favorite treats/ kibble to place in the pockets of the 5 smaller puzzles.

2. The “envelope” mini puzzle has a green bone that goes through the center to hold it together. The “3-pocket puzzle” has a green squeaker ball that can be put in the smallest pocket with each smaller pocket being put into the larger pocket.

3. Roll up each small puzzle and insert into the elastic loops along the sides of the main puzzle.

4. Put rest of treats/kibble spread throughout the felt grass and petals in the center.

5. Place on the floor and let your dog have a blast!

alpha iq directions

Made with upcycled materials, this puzzle features green felt grass and flower petals to hide your pups favorite treats in.

This 36x36in puzzle is the main part that the 5 extension puzzles attach to and is perfect for beginner nosework.

Once the puzzle is loaded with your dogs kibble or treats, lay it on the floor and watch your dog sniff out their meal.

This is great for families who have dogs that beg during dinner, hunting breeds, senior dogs, puppies, and even pet piggies!

I use it for my puppy who tends to just stare at me when he’s bored. Now he’s busy for hours!

alpha iq product picture

If you’d like to buy one of my Alpha IQ Snuffle Puzzles, you can do so here through my Etsy Shop. Check out some of my most recent reviews!

Proceeds go to feeding my growing pitbulls Cali & Archie and paying off college loans! 🙂