Will Your Dog Eat You if You Die?

Question: Will your dog eat you if you died?

The Answer: Definitely

Since we’re in the spookiest time of year, I felt like writing about something that would come straight out of a scary movie.

It may be a little morbid, but it’s definitely a fun fact to know and actually has a lot of history behind it.

will your dog eat you if you die yes

Why Your Dog Will Eat You

Even though you are your dog’s whole world, they have no problem eating you if you die alone in your house. But this doesn’t mean your dog goes to town as soon as your heart stops.

Most likely, your dog will try to use up any other resources of food (from trash cans and toilet bowls) before they start eating you.

On top of this, many dogs can resist the urge to eat for about 5-7 days before their hunger gets the best of them. 

Getting into more detail, there is another theory that many dogs panic when their owners die and go to lick the now dead owner for comfort.

Since dog’s senses are hundreds of times stronger than ours, the smell and taste of your flesh might be too irresistible.

So your dog will begin to eat you after a day or two. Though This is more common with suicides or any death that involves exposed blood. 

In addition, there is a window of time where your body is still considered “fresh meat”.

Depending on the temperature in the home, your body will be too rotten to eat after about 8-9 days.

Adding onto that, dogs tend to be more willing to eat you if they work in a pack (If you have more than one dog.)

Sometimes you don’t even have to be dead for your dog to grab a nibble.

There are many stories of dogs eating the fingers and toes of diabetic people while they sleep.

This is likely because dogs have a natural instinct to remove rotting or diseased flesh. So in a way, they’re trying to help you. LOL. 


For thousands of years dogs have interacted with humans in one way or another.

Before domestication, dogs would roam around the outside of villages where the villagers would dump their waste.

The smell of all of the food, feces, and bodies would attract the dogs, and they could never differentiate between the cattle meat and the human corpses. So

At the time, the humans thought this was a rather useful way to handle waste management. So they let the less aggressive dogs stick around. 

There are several stories throughout history where dogs eat humans.

From the Old Testament, Jezebel was thrown out of a window down to the horses and dogs. When the soldiers came to take her body to burial, they found nothing left but her skull, feet, and palms of her hands. 

The Romans were also famous for using dogs as part of their executions.

In fact it was better to have a high-hanging crucifixion instead of a low hanging one, because the lower you would hang, the more the wild dogs would tear you apart. 

There are even a few secular historians that believe that Jesus was hung in this low crucifixion style and torn apart by dogs. And because of this his followers fabricated the story of him rising from the dead as a coping mechanism. 

will your dog eat you if you die conclusion


Today you found out that your dog will eat you if you die.

The good news is, you won’t be around to witness this gruesome act if it does end up happening.

And if you think your cat is any better, think again. They’ll eat you too! 

If your dog is already a little nippy while you’re still breathing, check out my article on how to get a puppy to stop biting you.

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