30 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

If you love fall as much as we do in this house, you’re probably already thinking about all-things Halloween. Not only are you thinking about your own costumes, but you’re also trying to think of some awesome Halloween costume ideas for your dogs. 

After checking my usual places for dog costumes, I felt uninspired.

Having two large dogs, it can be hard to find a great costume that actually fits them.

Last year I had to take advantage of Archie’s orange fur by ordering him a lion’s mane from Amazon. Together, he and Cali were “Lion & the Lamb”.

Lion and Lamb Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

With another year past, it’s time to think of new Halloween costumes ideas for dogs.

Luckily, I’ve searched the wide world of Instagram and found some of the most creative costume ideas to inspire us all! 

Top Gun

Photo: @mrangusscottie

First on the list is Angus sporting his Top Gun jacket and aviator glasses. If you’re a fan of classic movies, this is a great costume idea for your dog. 

This Top Gun costume can be found at Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique in sizes XS-XXXL.

Angus & Scottie are two fun Scottish terriers to follow on Instagram, where you can find their other cute outfits and realistic plush toys. 

Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

Pirate Puppy

Photo: @our_doodle_boone

Sail the open seas with Boone and his adorable pirate costume!

This costume was put together by Boone’s mom, but if you’re looking for a full costume you can check out this one on Amazon.

It comes in all sizes so no matter what breed you have they can wear this costume!

Boone is a mini Goldendoodle from North Carolina, USA, and has a highly entertaining Instagram page that you can follow here!


Photo: @wyatt.the.gentlegiant

MOOOOOve over! Wyatt is here showing off his adorable cow costume!

Since Cali is constantly eating the grass in our backyard, I thought about getting this costume for her year round!

You can find this costume at Fur Rescue Fashions along with a variety of other fun costumes.

Wyatt is a pittie and abuse survivor now living with his mom in Arizona. Be sure to follow them to see all of Wyatt’s fun outfits and adventures! 

Werewolf Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs


Photo: @mila.the.frenchi

Does your dog howl at the moon? Why not make them a werewolf for Halloween this year?

As you can see, Mila’s inner animal is coming out this season!

You can find this hilarious costume on Amazon here.  

Mila is half Frenchie, half gremlin, and runs her own dog accessory store called Plushy Paws. She makes adorable bandanas, bow ties, and more!

UPS Driver

Photo: @milodogadventure

Does your dog bark at the UPS truck? I know mine do! 

Make your UPS drivers day by showing them your dog in this hilarious UPS Driver costume from Amazon.

As you can see, Milo is doing great on the first day of the job! 

Be sure to follow Milo’s adventures through the streets of Paris here

The Shining Twins Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

The Shining Twins

Photo: @bonniebostons

Another classic on the list of Halloween costume ideas for dogs is the twins from the movie “The Shining”. 

Izzy & Bella’s costume was actually handmade by their very talented mom, who also runs Beanie Bow Wow, a professional pet portrait business. 

Be sure to follow Izzy & Bella on Instagram for all their fun adventures!   

Chef & Lobster

Photo: @cleaneatsandsometreats

If you’re cooking in a house with dogs, you likely know there’s usually too many chefs in the kitchen.

Since they’re under our feet anyway, put them to work by making them chefs themselves!

For added humor, make your other dog another food like a chicken or a lobster!

Kate put the chef costume together herself using a bandana and a kid’s chef hat from Amazon.

You can also get a the lobster costume here.

Be sure to follow Kate & her dog’s Instagram here. Her food photography is enough to made anyone drool!

Britney Spears

Photo: mugsy_thepit

Who doesn’t love Britney Spears? If you’re a 90’s kid like me, Britney was a big part of your youth.

Why not pay tribute to an icon by dressing up your dog as the queen of pop herself?

Mugsy’s mom did just that and put together her own Britney costume inspired by the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” music video.

Mugsy is a two year old rescue living with her mom, who makes bow ties just like the one in Mugsy’s costume! Be sure to check out their etsy shop here.

Fiesta Pups Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

Fiesta Pups

Photo: @pinot_the_parson_russell

Pinot is getting his party on this year by wearing this fiesta costume from Home Goods. The tiny sombrero is so cute! 

I might get these costumes for Archie and Cali so they can wear them on Taco Tuesday nights. 

Pinot Parson is a Russell Terrier living in Nevada, USA. Be sure to keep up with his love for bathtime and his humans by giving him a follow here


Photo: @kingsleythedoood

Looking for a simple DIY costume idea? Check out Kingsley and Chai’s classic mummy costume.

Simply take a roll of toilet paper and wrap your pup!

Be sure to follow these two Goldendoodle siblings for more great fashion looks!

Starbucks Employee Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

Starbucks Barista

Photo: @archiethecocker_x

Head on over to Starbucks and order your pumpkin spice latte from Archie, the Starbucks barista.

Archie got this costume from Fur & Fetch Collective and looks great for his first day on the job. 

Archie is from Wales, and partners with an awesome dog accessory business called Fur & Fetch Collective. Be sure to use his code FETCHARCHIE15 for a special discount!

Batman & Robin

Photo: @teonamango

Dog’s are truly our heroes everyday. What better way to celebrate that than by dressing them up as superheroes for Halloween.

That’s exactly what Teona decided to do for Otto von Bismark and his brother by dressing them up at Batman & Robin. These costumes can be found on Amazon. 

Be sure to follow Teona and her dog’s adventures and fashion trends in New York City! 

Freddy Vs Jason Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

Freddie Vs. Jason

Photo: @sincere.gio

If you enjoy a good slasher film, consider making your dog into your favorite classic movie slasher.

Gio’s mom decided to dress up he and his friend as Freddy Vs. Jason. You can make your own costumes by using this Freddy costume and Jason Mask from Amazon. 

Gio is a UKC Grand Champion as well as an ABKC XL Champion. Follow this tough guy on Instagram here

Ty Toy

Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud

Another simple yet genius Halloween costume idea for dogs is making them a classic Ty Toy!

If you grew up in the 90’s you remember how obsessed we were with these toys. Boomer’s mom got the Ty Toy tag from Amazon

Boomer the Landcloud is living his best life in Los Angeles, CA. Follow his everyday life here


Photo: @charlies.pawventures

Next on the list of unique Halloween costume ideas for dogs is the king’s jester! Charlie looks hilariously adorable in this jester costume from K-Mart

I couldn’t find the costume on their site, but you can get a similar one here from Amazon. 

Follow Miss Charlie and all of her amazing outfits on Instagram here!

Jungle Cruise Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

Jungle Cruise

Photo: @lovealwaysnova

Have you seen the new Jungle Cruise movie? If not, it’s a great Disney movie to watch for the whole family. 

If you end up liking the movie, consider making your dog into Dr. Lily Houghton for Halloween this year. Nova’s mom put this costume together all on her own! 

Nova is a disney fangirl and has tons of different disney looks on her page. Her colorful photos are stunning so be sure to give her a follow!


Photo: rory.the.merle.frenchie

As an owner of two pitbulls, aka landseals, I think this Halloween costume idea for dogs is perfect. 

This costume was actually handmade by Rory’s mom, but you can take it as inspiration to make something similar for your dog.

Rory’s mom also has her own Etsy Shop, with awesome Rory stickers, keychains, and more! 

It Movie Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs


Photo: @Theadventuresoftoddandpeaches

Todd and Peaches pulled off another great movie, “It”.

I don’t know about you, but after seeing that movie I always get creeped out when I see a red balloon.

The raincoat and It costume are sold separately on Amazon, but Todd and Peaches mom put them together for this iconic look. 

Todd and Peaches work with several wonderful small pet businesses so be sure to follow them for discount codes and more!


Photo: wilbur_allen_bashar

Want to get a good laugh from the trick or treaters this year? Check out Wilbur in his grandpa outfit. 

This picture screams, “Get off my lawn!”. Wilbur’s hilarious costume can be found here at Marshalls

Be sure to follow Wilbur and his family here. His profile features his fur sibling and two guinea pigs, aka dumplings!  

Oktoberfest Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs


Photo: @waffles_and_wesley

What better way to celebrate Oktoberfest than dressing your dog up as a brewery buddy! Waffles got her costume here from Amazon. 

Follow Waffles and her feline sister Wesley for more adventures here

Hand Sanitizer

Photo: @fifilittledarling

What more appropriate costume for 2021 than hand sanitizer! 

Fifi’s mom made this costume herself using an old comforter package and dispenser top. She also made the label herself! 

Fifi is a therapy dog in training located in Hong Kong. Follow her adventures on Lantau Island here

Lawn Statue Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

Lawn Gnome

Photo: @the_rescued_pack_

One great idea you could have with multiple dogs is making them lawn gnomes! As you can see, Grover here is rocking his gnome costume from PetSmart. The beard is my favorite part!

Grover and his fur siblings are from Connecticut, USA. Follow their classic northeastern lifestyle here on Instagram. 


Photo: @roryandtucker

Another classic on the list of Halloween costume ideas for dogs is simply cutting out some old sheets and making them a ghost!

This was a huge trend in 2020, and it’s not hard to see why!

This simple DIY can be made spookier by taking pictures in spooky places like cemeteries and haunted houses. 

Rory and Tucker live an aesthetic lifestyle in Michigan, USA. Be sure to give them a follow to see their mom’s amazing dog photography skills! 

Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Photo: @jaxandgrey

This beautiful Day of the Dead costume was put together by Jax’s mom.

It goes to show some of the best costumes are the ones you make yourself!

The flower crown necklace and crown are both from Party City.

Add your own personal touches like skulls and a veil to make this costume extra spooky!

Jaxon & Gracie just got a new sibling named Luka. Be sure to follow their journey and their mom’s amazing photography skills here


Photo: @travandtrixpix

Is your dog naughty all year round? Consider tossing him in the slammer this Halloween and making him a prisoner.

As you can see Travis has gone to jail for “trying to lick his mom’s face immediately after licking his own booty hole.”

I’m not sure how long Travis’s sentence is, but I know he’ll look cute the whole time if he’s wearing this costume!

Travis and his sister Trixie were once street pits but have been adopted and are now happily living their life in San Diego, CA. Follow their adventures here.  

Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs Hot Dogs

Hot Dog

Photo: @aquacorg

Do you have a Corgi or a Dachshund?

Another great costume on the list of unique Halloween costume ideas for dogs is making them an actual hot dog! for this year. Aqua the Corgi did just that!

You can find these hot dog costumes on Amazon.

Aqua the Corgi has some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen on a dog’s Instagram. His parents get really creative with his photos so be sure to check him out here!

USPS Worker

Photo: @followyourarrow_gsp

Along with UPS drivers, USPS is also the enemy of many dogs across America. As you can see Arrow is doing great delivering packages to his fellow citizens. Great job Arrow! 

This costume can be found here on Amazon.

Arrow himself is a Medical Alert & Response Service Dog in Los Angeles, CA. He is an invisible disabilities activist with his own shop called Arrow Attire, where he sells a variety of service dog gear for all the great working pups out there! 

Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs Police Officer

Police Officer

Photo: @gigitheborzoi

Another good girl serving her community with this great Halloween costume idea for dogs.

Gigi is backing the blue with her adorable police officer outfit. Find a similar costume here on Amazon. 

Gigi is a two year old Borzoi living in Australia with her mom Veronika, who makes amazing pet portraits and posts them on her Instagram @SighthoundArt. Be sure to give them both a follow!


Photo: @panchotheparson

Are you a Walking Dead fan? If so, you can take inspiration from Pancho and make your dog a Zombie this Halloween. 

This super simple costume idea is great for dogs who are bothered by wearing full costumes. 

You can get the knife from this outfit here on Amazon. 

Pancho the Parson lives with his mom in Spain, where they run their own blog, “La vida con Pancho”. Be sure to check them out! 🙂

Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs London Officer

London Officer

Photo: @cleverclementine

If a regular police officer isn’t your style, why not try this fun London officer look from @Cleverclementine

Clementine’s mom actually made this costume herself out of a kids costume, and added the bowler hat with ribbon to finish the look. 

It only goes to show that the possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY Halloween!


I hope this post gave you some inspiration for some of the best Halloween costume ideas for dogs.

Whether you buy your dog’s costume or make it yourself, you’re sure to get a good laugh out of the results! 

Remember, always make sure that your dog is physically comfortable in whatever you decide to dress them as, so it can be fun for both of you!

What other creative Halloween costume ideas can you think of for your dog? Be sure to post your favorite costume in the comments! 

Looking for great fall photoshoot ideas for dogs? Check out my post here!

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