5 Dog Accessories Every Stylish Dog Mom Needs

Now that the cool weather is finally here, it’s time to spend more time outside. Why not have your dog look their best with some stylish dog accessories? 

Compared to humans, dogs are pretty low maintenance creatures. They need walks, food, and a good place to sleep.

But as a dog mom without children, my dogs are my babies, and that means they get treated as such.

That means on top of making homemade dog treats and shampoo recipes, they also get the most stylish dog accessories to make all the other dogs jealous.

Today I will be going over the top 5 dog accessories that every stylish dog needs. 

dog accessories bandanas

Dog Bandana

Dog Bandanas are all the rage in the dog world these days.

You can simply buy a regular bandana at the dollar store and put it on your dog, or you can really go nuts and get a variety of cute bandanas like these ones (affiliate link) that I get from Amazon.

They come in every size and multiple patterns so you can pick what will look best on your fur baby. 

Matching Leash & Collar

The next dog accessory every dog needs is a matching leash and collar.

Every fashionable dog needs a matching dog collar and leash so they can go for walks in style.

My favorite is BYLEEDUR’s 6 ft Rose Gold Leash Set (affiliate link) on Amazon.

There are choices of beige and dark grey which I think is perfect for girl and boy dogs, each with rose gold buckles and clips.

Some people like to have more decorative leashes and collars, but I really love the mature, minimalist look to these. 

dog accessories elevated dog bowls

Modern Dog Bowls

Another great dog accessory that every dog needs is a stylish modern feeding bowl set.

Cali has a hard time eating when her bowl is sitting on the floor, so I wanted to get something stylish that was also elevated to make mealtime easier for her.

The one I ended up choosing is PetFushion’s Elevated 8” Dog Bowls (affiliate link) from Amazon.

They have both white and dark brown for  color choses. But I chose the white because it’s brighter and easier for me to clean.

Not only do these dog bowls look better, but they also stop my dogs from pushing their bowls all over the room when they eat. I call that a double win!

Dog Sweater

The next dog accessory every stylish dog needs is a cute dog sweater for the cold weather.

Since Cali is cold a majority of the year here in New Jersey, I’ve accumulated over a dozen different sweaters for her over the past 5 years.

My favorite sweater that I got for her is the Mihachi Dog Sweater from Amazon (affiliate link).

I chose the red sweater, but they also come in pink, beige, and dark blue. It’s usually very hard to find a good quality sweater for a 70 lb pitbull, but this fits perfectly on her and has lasted over the years.

In addition, it keeps Cali nice and toasty during the winter and the cool summer nights by the fire. 

dog accessories luxury dog bed

Luxury Dog Bed

The last stylish dog accessory every dog needs is a luxury dog bed.

There are so many styles to choose from. You can simply get a good quality bed, or you can go all out and get a stylish indoor dog house for your living room.

I love the modern look but could never seem to find a dog house/bed big enough for a pit bull.

That is until I came across Castle Pet Shop’s store on Etsy and found this super unique wooden dog house.

My dogs love having a little cave to run into when they want their own space and they’ve made a cozy little nook out of this space.

In addition, the wacky angles of this house are always a conversation piece whenever friends see it for the first time. They all want one too! 


I hope this fun little article gave you some inspiration on stylish dog accessories to get for your fur baby.

What was your favorite on this list? What do you think is the most important accessory a dog can have? Let me know in the comments. 😉

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