Why We Need More Stay at Home Dog Moms

Opinion: We need more stay at home dog moms!

Over the past century, more women have decided to leave the home and joined the workforce.

While I’m all for women making careers for themselves, this new standard has often left homemakers feel “less than”.

On top of that, choosing to stay at home without children gets even more judgemental headshakes.

Just because you don’t bring in a salary doesn’t mean you aren’t a productive member of society!

I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t feel “bad” or “lazy” because you have the desire to stay home and be a homemaker while your partner brings in the bacon.

Here are my top 5 reasons why we need more stay at home dog moms! 

stay at home dog moms productivity


The first reason why we need more stay at home dog moms is because it’s actually more productive!

If you’re married like me, you’ll find that by staying home, you have the time and energy to get all the housework done while your partner is at work.

When I still worked in the corporate world, I often came home too exhausted to cook, clean, or run errands.

On the weekends I just wanted to spend my precious free time with my husband or friends and chores would go on the back burner.

Now that I stay home, our house is clean, and we always have healthy, home cooked meals that I wouldn’t have had time to plan if I was still working outside the home. 


Now that I am a stay at home dog mom, I found that there is more balance in both mine and my husband’s life.

He can concentrate on making the most money at work as possible while not having to worry about all the housework and the dogs.

Because he is bringing in most of the income, I no longer have constant anxiety about my performance at work. I can focus on the things I’m actually good at like cooking, sewing, cleaning, dog training, and other homemaking tasks.

Many feminist hate me for saying this, but I think there is beauty in taking on your masculine and feminine rolls, and that it lessens the mental load and can make you stronger overall as a couple.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a corporate career if you want one. I just think it is harder to find a good balance if both partners are trying to do everything for the sake of equality. 

stay at home dog moms finances


At first glance, you would think you would lose money by staying home and reducing your income to one person.

However, I actually found that by leaving my job, we ended up saving money in the long run.

When I originally thought about becoming a stay at home wife, I thought we were going to have to cut our spending back a lot.

But as it turns out, my $50k salary wasn’t going as far as I thought it was.

First of all after taxes, I was only taking home around $35k per year.

Second, I spent a little over $10k on my car, insurance, tickets, and gas just getting to and from work.

Now that I’m not working anymore, my husband and I decided that we can share a car to save money. We don’t even notice the second car is gone.

In addition, I also spent almost $4k on work clothes, and another $6k in networking, conferences, client dinners, etc.

Lastly, I was paying $1000 per month on rent on a separate apartment that was closer to my job; another $12k.

So in reality, I was barely saving anything.

My salary was going back into my job. Sometimes I even worked online just to cover the bills.

It seemed to make more sense to stop working and become a homemaker instead.

Now that I stay home, we spend less on takeout and clothing, which were two major budget boo boo’s.

Cooking at home is healthier, goes further, and is cheaper overall.

Now that I no longer work in a corporate office, I no longer have to invest in suits and office clothing (that would get covered in dog hair anyway!).

Instead I use clothes I already have and shop at thrift stores to work on my sustainability skills.

Between these two things alone we’ve saved thousands of dollars and put it into savings for the future!


One thing that I really appreciate about being a stay at home dog mom is the flexibility.

When you work a 9-5 (or 8-6 as many of my friends do), you are pretty much living for that job.

I remember when I had to tell my boss that I needed to leave early for a doctor’s appointment, only for him to ask me if I will be returning for the last hour of the work day. (God forbid I called out sick, you would think the company would close if I didn’t come in.)

I definitely don’t miss trying to figure out when to go to the bank if the bank is open 9-5 and I work 8-6 either.

When my husband and I were both working, our errands list would pile up because we were always stuck at our jobs.

Now that I am able to stay home, I can knock out our errands as they come in and we aren’t forced to do them in our freetime on the weekends.

In addition, if an emergency happens or a friend needs help in the middle of the day, I don’t have to beg my boss to go help them. I can just go!

This has especially helped during the pandemic. I was able to help elderly neighbors get things when they couldn’t leave their homes and when friends ended up in the hospital. 

stay at home dog moms happier dogs

Happier Dogs

The last but most important reason we need more stay at home dog moms is to have happier dogs!

If you worked from home during quarantine, you probably noticed how happy your dog was that you stopped leaving for work everyday.

When everyone is working, your dog is usually sitting home bored all day just waiting to hear you come through the door.

By staying home, you’re able to become a more involved dog mom, creating more well rounded dogs.

Now that I stay home, I’m able to do more training, take them on more walks, and even bake homemade dog treats!

We got Archie the first month I started to stay home. And I can tell you that it was much easier to potty train and obedience train when you don’t have to leave them for 8 hours a day.

Cali’s potty training took over 6 months while we were both working. Archie took about 2 weeks!

A secret added bonus is that the more time and energy you put into the dog, the more they listen to you and you become the “favorite” human in the household.

That means that wherever my husband and I are watching a movie on the couch, I’m the one with two pitbulls snuggled up on either side of me. 😉


Being a stay at home dog mom has definitely brought more balance, productivity, and flexibility into our lives.

Many people don’t have the opportunity to become a homemaker. But if you do, you may be surprised with how much everyone’s lives improve!

Do you think we need more stay at home dog moms? Let me know in the comments!

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