10 Dog Friendly Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Looking for dog friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas?

Valentine’s Day is a day to spread love and to spend time with the ones who make us happy.

Nobody on this planet loves you more than your dog does, so they really are the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

For them, it’s not all about flowers and chocolate (definitely not chocolate), but about spending time with their favorite person: you!

Here are 10 different activities you can do with your dog this Valentine’s Day. 

valentine's day date ideas picnic

Have a Picnic

A super cute Valentine’s Day date to have with your dog is a picnic with all of your favorite foods!

Drive out to your favorite spot like the beach or the park and lay out a blanket for you to sit on.

Ideally, you should sit next to a tree that you can tie your dog’s leash to or bring a stake to stick in the ground so you don’t have to worry about them running away.

Pack some of your favorite as well as your dog’s favorite foods and enjoy the moment.

I like to pack things that we can both eat like fruits and veggies along with some other special snacks.

Your dog will appreciate the change of scenery, and you’ll have the cutest Valentine’s Day date in the whole park!

Movie & Popcorn

This classic date is a great idea as a Valentine’s Day date to have with your dog!

Cali enjoys watching romantic comedies, while Archie is a big fan of animal movies that he can bark at (horses especially).

In addition, your dog will enjoy the occasional piece of popcorn that misses your mouth. 

valentine's day date ideas go for a walk

Walk on the Beach

Though it’s freezing here in New Jersey this time of year, I know other parts of the country are still warm and sunny.

So why not take a long walk on the beach with your dog?

Many men say in their online dating profiles that they enjoy long walks on the beach. But in reality they’d rather keep their butt in their beach chair while sipping a nice cold beer.

However, most dogs love the beach and you can take a stroll, play fetch, or play in the water with them.

So ditch the men and take your dog to the beach, you’ll have much more fun! 😉

Go for a Drive

Cali isn’t really a fan of other dogs, so to make up for her lost time at the dog park I’ll take her for a car ride to different places.

She really enjoys taking in the buffet of smells when the windows are rolled down, and is always excited to reach our destination, wherever that may be.

Head to a new park, dog friendly store, or a friends house. Even a ride around the neighborhood will break up the day for your dog, and keep them more engaged and entertained. 

valentine's day date ideas travel

Get Away in a Dog Friendly Luxury Hotel

Sometimes in life the best thing we can do is get a change of scenery.

The last thing we want to do on Valentine’s Day is feel bad about anything, so why not pamper yourself and stay at a pet-friendly luxury hotel?

Let everyone else make your bed, cook your food, and clean your room while you and your dog relax and order room service.

I always feel much safer with my dogs in my hotel room anyway. It’s almost guaranteed the maids won’t walk in on you when you’re sleeping if two big pitbulls are running towards the door!

Some of my favorite dog-friendly hotels to stay in are:

Double Doggy Date

If you have a friend with a dog, doing a double doggy date is a super fun Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Our friends have a corgi named Cleo that Archie is obsessed with. So when we hang out as couples, they get a little “date night” to chase each other around and pounce on each other.

If you’re extra like me, you can have your dog give a toy to their doggy girlfriend or boyfriend as a Valentine’s Day present. How cute would that be?!

valentine's day date ideas get coffee

Grab a Puppuccino

If you’re too busy to plan a whole day of activities, grabbing a puppuccino is the perfect quick dog-date idea!

Most dog moms know that Starbucks has puppuccinos, but Chick Fil A has them too!

In addition, there are other restaurants that have dog friendly treats on their secret menu. Some of them are:

  • Shake Shack Pooch-ini
  • Johnny Rocket’s Pupcakes
  • In-N-Out Saltless Burger Patty
  • Tim Horton’s Doggy Donuts 
  • Dairy Queen Soft Serve

valentine's day date ideas vineyard

Visit a Dog Friendly Vineyard

Another great Valentine’s Day date ideas to have with your dog is to visit a dog-friendly vineyard.

Get tipsy with your pooch and spend the day sitting in the fresh outdoors. Even if you don’t go with friends/a significant other, you won’t feel afraid to go alone, because your bestie is right there with you!

Just make sure you have a ride home when the day is over, since your dog can’t be your DD. 😉

If you’re in the New York/New Jersey area, some dog friendly vineyards to go to are:

valentine's day date ideas spa day

At Home Dog Spa Day

Many spas are closed currently due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can have a spa day at home!

Better yet, dog’s aren’t allowed into spas, so staying home means pampering yourselves together!

Give your dog a soothing homemade foot soak, and follow it up with a good nail trim and paw balm for extra soft, well managed paws.

Then take a nice long bubble bath for yourself and do your own nails and skin moisturizing.

If you want to pull out all the stops, but on some relaxing spa music, dim the lights, and light your favorite candles for the ultimate at-home-spa experience.

And once you’re done with the cucumbers on your eyes, your dog will be more than happy to eat them as a snack!

valentine's day date ideas visit a neighbor

Cheer Up a Lonely Neighbor

One of my favorite things to do on holidays is to spend with those who are often alone on these days.

Especially on Valentine’s Day, many people no longer have a loved one around to share the day with, and could use a break from loneliness.

What better way to cheer someone up than by popping in with your love-filled dog?

Many people these days crave physical connections that we no longer have due to the virus, so spending time with your dog is a safe, healthy alternative for socializing.

I promise you’ll never get tired of the look of an elderly neighbor smiling from ear to ear as they get covered in puppy kisses!

valentine's day date ideas


I hope this post helped you come up with some Valentine’s Day date ideas to do with your dog.

I know I’ll be doing a few things on this list. Which idea is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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