How to Work From Home Online as a Dog Mom Full Time

There were many reasons why I decided to ditch my day job and work from home online instead.

As a previous HR and Training Department manager at a real estate agency, as well as being a real estate agent myself, keeping up appearances is part of the job.

If you don’t look nice, nobody will take you seriously and you probably won’t make your commission either.

Along with the shopping, I was using a lot of my hard earned time and money just getting to work itself.

I used to sit in at least an hour of traffic each way, sometimes more.

Also, because I was sitting in traffic so long my meal prepping was nonexistent. That meant I had to spend $15 on lunch everyday.

To top it all off, almost all of my work environments were toxic in some way. I hated the gossip at work by the water cooler.

I hated the way that my bosses didn’t respect me or value my opinions, and I hated feeling drained when I got home.

When I work from my house, I don’t have to deal with any of that.

How Much Money You Save 

When I was working 9-5 in the office, I was making around $50k per year which is about $36k after taxes.

I spent around $2500 in clothing per year between drycleaning and buying new clothing.

I was spending around $50 per week on gas which was around $2600.

After switching to home work we were able to get rid of the second car, saving us almost $7000 per year in lease and insurance costs.

Also, working from home means I eat at home.

Not spending $15 a day on lunch saved me almost another $4k per year. That’s $16k in just work expenses!

Not only do I save money, I save an extra 520 hours a year not sitting in traffic or commuting.

This is a huge win in my book. You can always make more money, but you can never make more time. 

Benefits of Working From Home

Besides saving a huge chunk of change and working on your couch in pajamas, there are several benefits to working from home.

The first benefit is being able to spend more time with your family.

I can now cook a real, healthy breakfast for my husband in the morning and start on lunch around noon so when he gets home he doesn’t have to order takeout.

The second benefit is that I now have time to take my dogs for longer walks which also gives me more exercise.

I can do chores throughout the day so it seems like less work and my home always stays tidy.

By staying home and managing the house my husband can come home and relax after a long work day.

Most of the time, I chose the work that I want to do and the hours I want to work.

Lastly, one of my favorite things about working from home is that you get paid solely on the work you put in.

As a super efficient employee, I have always had an issue of finishing projects early and then being stuck in an office being fake busy for the rest of the day.

This makes office gossip more appealing, and that usually ends badly.

Working from home keeps you out of unnecessary drama and stress and if you get the job done early, the extra time is all yours!

Even though people typically make less money when they work from home, you can still make the same salary if not more if you work smart. 

work from home online move day job

Move Your Day Job

Many companies around the world are seeing benefits to having employees work from home both part time and full time.

Getting closer to a more even work life balance makes happier employees who stay longer and do better work.

Before quitting your day job, ask your boss if it’s possible to work from home online. If your job doesn’t really involve being hands on with people, such as a bookkeeper or accountant, there could be a chance that your boss would let you work from home. 

If working from home is really important to you, you can even offer to take a small pay cut.

They will save on your salary, have more office space, and won’t have to train anyone new into the company.

When I first decided that I wanted to work from home as a recruiter, I settled with my boss that I could work from home three days a week as long as I did my interviews in the office the other two days.

Since I could do all of my HR work at home without distractions, I ended up with lots of extra time on my hands on the days I would work from home. 


Upwork is great for working from home online. I have to say in the beginning it’s a little difficult to land decent jobs because you have a new profile.

But after you gain some experience, you can start landing some decent jobs and projects.

I got started on Upwork by doing Amazon Product reviews for $5 a peice. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but you also get to keep the products you review.

After doing a few of these, you can get a dozen positive reviews on your profile and you can start to apply to the bigger jobs. 

After I do a project I always let them know that if they have anyone with a similar project that I’ll be available.

Half the time, they usually know someone that needs help. Just asking one simple question can make you more money!

My main gig from here currently is answering forwarded calls from an office and passing the message to the right person by email.

I only get about 5 calls a day and they pay me $500 a month.

There is a project for everyone on Upwork. If you know a lot about computer coding, website building, or SEO, you can definitely make a full time income if not more just by using this website.

work from home online content writing

Content Writing

If you want to work from home online, content writing might be an easy way to get started.

There are dozens of websites that need fresh writers to add content to their website.

Each article you write can make you anywhere between $40-$200 if it’s around 1000 words.

Every website works differently when it comes to picking writers. Some websites want to see examples of your work, while others will have you write a dummy article on a subject that they give you.

Before starting my blog, I wrote for a website called All Women’s Talk.

For this website, you make $3 for every thousand readers that read your article for the first 30 days it’s on the site.

This might not seem like a lot but for a website with millions of readers, I could easily make $200 per article that I wrote.

It takes me about two hours two write each article, so it’s not a bad return at all.

Some other websites that hire content writers are:

If you want more places to look for content writing, try these

work from home online selling on amazon

Selling on Amazon

There are a bunch of different ways to make money on Amazon from retail arbitrage to FBA.

I have personally used private labeling and Amazon FBA which is fulfilled by amazon.

The basic idea is that you buy a product in bulk at a discounted price, stick your own label on it, and sell it for a higher price to make a profit.

I did this with a snuffle mat for dogs and make a few hundred dollars every month from it.

Unlike the first two work from home online options, this one requires a lot of learning and research upfront.

I recommend spending some time on YouTube and going through different strategies so you can find the one that works best for you. 

work from home online start a blog

Start a Blog

If you plan to work from home online, you might as well start a blog.

There are countless different ways to make money from a blog.

You can do affiliate marketing, which is marketing other people’s products and getting a commission when someone purchases those products from your links.

You can sell your own products.

On top of that, you can make money from ads that are on your website.

You can even make money selling printables.

Blogging isn’t going to be quick money. Your blog will start to gain real traction after your first 50 articles or so.

You also have to work on your SEO, get a web hosting site, and several other components to optimize your site and get traffic. 

work from home online tutoring

Online Tutoring

Are you good with kids? Do you have a knack for teaching things to other people?

VIPKid is a teaching platform that pays $15-22 per hour.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in any field, you can help chinese students ages 4-12 with an elementary education experience.

If you work enough hours you can make a full time income when you work from home online tutoring.

Some other websites that offer online tutoring are: 

work from home online consulting


Do you know a lot of information on a particular topic?

Have you worked in the same industry for a long time?

You can start a consulting business from your house.

You can be a consultant on anything.

There are health consultants, business consultants, relationship consultants, and even party throwing consultants!

Since it’s your own business, you get to set the rates you make.

Depending on the industry, you can expect to charge anywhere between $30-200 per hour!

Another bonus is that you can frame your business so you only see clients over webcam or speak with them through phone calls.

This also expands your business opportunity because you have the ability to have clients all over the world!


If you have the persistence and determination to work from home, my list is sure to help you if you are looking to make a real income from home.

Changing my work environment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It allows me to still make money while spending a lot more time with my family and taking care of myself.

If you’re looking for more ways to work from home, check out these legitimate ways I’ve used to make $50k from home. (No surveys, I promise.)

Do you work from home now? What ways do you make an income online? Let me know in the comments section below!

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