Top 10 Morning Routine Ideas for Dog Moms

In the past I had always struggled in the morning. I always woke up and felt sluggish as if my feet were dragging on the floor. Even throughout the rest of my day I never really seemed to wake up. About a year ago I started looking into different morning routine ideas.

I tried a whole range of things from going to a run to doing a face mask. In reality, most of us don’t have the time to do all these things before their real day even begins.

A morning routine shouldn’t feel like a job in itself. After trying hundreds of different ideas in the morning I ended up making these ten my ritual and use them daily.

Each one has multiple benefits on the body and mind, and more importantly make you feel awake and alert so you can conquer your day.

Morning Routine Glass of Water

1.Drink a Glass of Water

The first thing on my list of morning routine ideas is simply drinking a glass of water. I drink a lot of water as it is, but my first glass is right after I wake up.

According to studies, drinking water on an empty stomach can increase your metabolic rate, which is huge when it comes to losing weight.

It also helps you get rid of toxins and helps your skin complexion. 

A glass of water first thing in the morning immediately hydrates your body and will start waking up your digestive system.

By the time you are done with your morning shower you should start to hear your stomach growling.

Many people don’t drink water in the morning and don’t get hungry so they skip breakfast all together.

Since drinking water first thing in the morning increases alertness, skipping water means the body never really wakes up the way it’s supposed to and you may feel groggy most of the day. 

Most importantly, your brain is made of 70% water. When you get dehydrated, you don’t make great decisions.

So make sure you take a few seconds in your morning to drink a glass of water!

Morning Routine Cold Shower

2. Take a Cold Shower

Out of all of the morning routine ideas I decided to keep this one is the hardest to do.

I know this one makes me sound crazy but my entire shower isn’t cold. Just the end is.

Right before I get out of the shower I turn the knob to the cold setting and jump right in.

It’s never easy, but there are too many benefits not to do it. I got this idea from watching a Goop episode on Netflix explaining the Wim Hof method.

Did you know that there are multiple benefits to taking a cold shower?

A shower in the morning is great because it washes the sleepiness away, boosts immunity, burns fat, and increases circulation.

It also promotes emotional resilience, drains the lymphatic system and decreases stress and chances of depression.

There are even more reasons why cold showers are good for you but we would be here all day if I kept going.

I really suggest that you check out Wim Hof and his techniques if you want to learn more!

Morning Routine Made Bed

3. Make Your Bed

Sometimes it may seem like making your bed everyday is a pointless task. You’re just going to mess it up at the end of the day anyway right?

Making your bed every morning starts your day off right and subconsciously encourages you to keep the rest of your space tidy.

It also shows that you care about yourself and your home.

When you start to do the little things right, you will naturally do the same with bigger things.

I always like the fact that even if I have a bad day, at least my room doesn’t look like a mess and is a calming place to walk into. 

4. Take 10 mins. To Tidy

We tend to think that we can’t do anything productive within only ten minutes but that isn’t true at all.

Take an empty laundry basket or box and pick up items in the room that don’t belong.

As you move through the house put items back in their proper place and remove items that don’t belong.

You’ll be surprised on how much tider your house looks, and you’ll definitely be happy when you come back to a clean house later in the day.

If you seem to have too much clutter in your house, or certain items don’t have a place they belong, you may need to think about decluttering.

If you need help with clutter, you can instantly download my Guidebook to a Clutter Free Home on Etsy for only $2.99!

Walking Dog

5. Exercise

Now, I’m not saying go crazy with the work outs. I’m just saying that you should try to squeeze in some calorie burning before the day slips away from you.

When I was researching morning routine ideas I would see crazy workouts like running five miles before work.

I’m not sure who those crazy people are but I’m not one of them.

Each morning I take my dogs for a mile walk. This gets all of our exercise out of the way for the day!

This is also a great way to get some fresh air and help me wake up faster for the day ahead.

On weekends, my husband and I will take the dogs for a hike at Bear Mountain. It’s always a fun family adventure. 🙂

If you can’t get outside, bust out a yoga mat and do some core workouts, pushups, or actual yoga!

You don’t need to go to the gym to exercise. I wear these ankle weights while I’m running around the house taking care of chores.

In fact, I lost 20 pounds with old fashioned exercise and diet and never stepped foot in a gym! 

Avoiding Phone

6. Avoid Your Phone

The first thing that most people do in their morning is look at their phone. Some people answer all of their texts. Some people check social media.

As an empath, I find it best to avoid all of the “noise” that comes from my phone. When I used to check my phone laying in my bed, I would see an upsetting news story and immediately get upset.

Another thing that would happen is I would scroll through my newsfeed and go into a dopamine loop, which would often cause me to run late and skip the true important things like exercise and breakfast.

As time has passed we have all become more accessible and sometimes it makes us feel like we need to be available for people all the time.

This isn’t true, and it’s not healthy. Trust me, the world can wait for you to take care of yourself first before it can start trying to stress you out!

Morning Routine Light Breakfast

7. Eat a Light Breakfast

Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Others skip it all together or maybe just take a coffee.

My advice to you is to eat a light breakfast just to get your body going. Eat a piece of fruit or drink a smoothie.

Energy balls are also great since they are packed with nutrients that will give you long term energy and keep your blood sugars regulated.

If you like bacon and eggs, you can try these bacon egg and cheese cups that you can prep and freeze and just take out one in the morning.

The more natural your breakfast the better.

I try to stay away from a sugary breakfast like cereal or pop tarts because they give you a sugar rush that will make you burn out by noon.

Plus, you want to keep your calorie count low and your nutrients high. 

Morning Routine Vitamins

8. Take Your Vitamins

Nobody is the perfect eater. Especially in today’s age, much of our food is processed and many people avoid their fruits and veggies all together! The least you can do for your body is take five seconds to swallow a daily multivitamin.

I love this multivitamin and have been using it for almost 10 years now. I can feel that I have less energy and am more sluggish on the days that I don’t take it.

Just make sure you check whether or not you need to eat food before you take your vitamin, because taking one on an empty stomach can make you feel super nauseous. 

Morning Routine Meditation

9. Tell Myself About My Day

Many have told me that only smart people talk to themselves. I find that it is super beneficial to think and manifest what I want to happen in my day before it begins.

Each morning I take five minutes to picture how I want my day to go, how I want to feel, and how I want to get things done.

I pictured lots of money coming easily to me with little work. I pictured having the perfect work-life balance.

After doing this for a bit I discovered that my days generally started improving, and certain things that I manifested everyday actually happened!

Always keep in mind that whatever energy you give off will come back to you throughout the day.

If you want to learn more about manifestation and changing the energy in your life, click here

Morning Routine Punch List

10. Go Over Punch List For The Day

The last thing that I do before I begin my day is go over my punch list.

A punch list is a little different than a to do list. A punch list is a construction term and it is a list of random tasks that need to be done.

These are separate tasks that are different than your everyday to do list.

Many people never make a punch list and sooner or later they have an overwhelming list of miscellaneous projects to get done.

I believe that it is important to keep your punch list small so you do not overwhelm yourself. I recommend only having four things tops on your punch list.

As a stay-at-home-dog-mom, my punch list generally consists of things like mailing packages, cleaning out the garage, or paying the bills.

By going through your punch list in the morning, you’ll have it in the back of your mind and will be able to get the errands done throughout the day. 


I hope that with all of the information overload out there that this easily doable list of morning routine ideas will help you start your day.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t do everything on your list every single day. It is just a general guideline to making healthier and more positive decisions in your life.

Remember that every day is a new day. Do the best you can with each one.

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