Ultimate List of Winter Activities to do With Your Dog

Are there any fun winter activities to do with your dog? Of course there are!

Just because it’s not warm and sunny outside anymore, doesn’t mean that you and your dog have to sit around and wait 6 months for spring to come again. 

Below are 8 fun, simple winter activities anyone can do with their dog this season. 

Of course, these activities aren’t the only ones you can do with your dog, but it’s definitely a great little list to get you started! 🙂

winter activities to do with your dog training practice

Indoor Training

One of the best winter activities to do with your dog is indoor training.

This activity is something that you can (and should) do everyday to keep your dogs brain sharp.

This winter make sure your dog perfects the basics like “sit” and “stay” so you’ll never have to repeat yourself again.

Once they’ve nailed the beginner tricks, you can move onto more complicated tricks like balancing a treat on their nose or catching a treat in midair.

A dog is never too old to learn a new trick!

Treat Baking

We often make homemade treats for our human family members, but what about our dogs?

I always make my dog’s treats at home so they avoid those chemicals and preservatives in store bought treats.

Homemade dog treats are super easy to make and don’t take much time at all! Try making some of my favorite recipes and have your dog be the taste tester.

Make different treats each time until your dog finds their favorite. They’ll be sure to love all of the baking smells and homemade treats baked just for them!

If you’re looking for great, unique treat recipes, check out my dog treat cookbook now selling on Etsy! It has 20 different recipes that your dog will absolutely drool over!

winter activities to do with your dog snuffle mat

Snuffle Mats

Did you know that 15 mins of mental exercise is equal to hours of physical activity?

This is where snuffle mats come in.

Snuffle mats are mats made with felt “grass” that you put your dogs kibble in. Instead of eating out of a bowl, your dog gets to practice their nosework by sniffing out the kibble in the grass.

Snuffle mats are one of the best winter activities for your dog because it helps them beat boredom, prevents dinnertime begging, and keeps their brain active and healthy.

If you’re looking for the perfect snuffle mat, I actually make my own! Check out my snuffle mat, Alpha IQ, on Etsy now. 🙂

winter activities to do with your dog playing in the snow

Playing in the Snow

If you live in the north where it snows, one of the best winter activities to do with your dog is to play in the snow!

Many dogs love jumping in piles of snow, running through snow mazes, and catching snowballs in their mouths.

Just make sure that you and your dog are wearing the appropriate attire depending on how cold it is.

When it gets into the low teens I make sure to put sweaters on both dogs and boots if we go on walks so they don’t step in ice salt.

But playing in the snow is a great wintertime activity, and a wonderful photoshoot opportunity!

Winter Hikes

Though you may not be able to go on as far of a hike as you would in the summer, a short winter hike can be a great activity to do with your dog.

Try sticking to flatter trails that don’t freeze over to prevent slipping. Go for a hike right after it snows for a magical Instagram photo opportunity.

Your dog will absolutely love running through a snow filled forest, and it’s much easier to see them when there’s no leaves on the trees.

Just make sure to stick to the trails during winter, as snow can be deceiving. You don’t want to fall in any holes, frozen lakes, or swamps!

winter activities to do with your dog cuddling


This activity is great all year round, but when it’s cold and bitter outside, curling up on the couch with your dog is one of the best winter activities.

Who needs Netflix and chill when you have puppies and Hulu?

Personally, I have Archie curl up on my left side and Cali snuggles up on the right.

Add a huge quilt on top of us and a bowl of popcorn and we’re ready for a snuggly movie night!

Cuddling releases endorphins in both you and your dog, so you can call this a healthy activity too! 😉

Hide and Seek

Before we had Archie, me and Cali used to play hide and seek throughout the day.

There are two versions of this game. You can either hide treats around your house and let your dog find them, or you can hide yourself!

My favorite was hiding under blankets, behind doors, and in closets and seeing Cali rush around the house looking for me.

And when they find you, they get so excited!

This winter activity is also a great mental exercise for dogs and is something you’ll both have a blast doing. 

winter activities to do with your dog  car rides

Car Rides

It may be too cold to go outside as much as you would in the summer, so a short car ride around town is a nice way for your dog to get out of the house during the winter.

I like to take my dogs in the car with me while I run errands around town.

I’ll roll the back windows down a little bit when driving so they can take in the buffet of smells.

If they behave, we’ll either swing by the dog park or go to Starbucks for puppuccinos.

Just make sure to drive extra careful in snowy and icy weather. You’ll be carrying precious cargo! <3


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best winter activities to do with your dog.

What other dog friendly activities do you like to do in the winter? Let me know in the comments!

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