The Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Moms

If you’re a dog mom, there’s no question you spend endless amounts of time and money on your dog. In fact, one of my favorite things to do when my husband sleeps in is to going to Petco to shop for dog toys and gifts to surprise my fur babies with. But what about the gifts for dog moms?

On top of being a busy dog mom, many of us have an entire house to run too! This means that so many times we put everything else first and ourselves on the back burner. 

So today I will be talking about all of us dog moms out there and how you should treat-yo-self  with these awesome gifts for dog moms!

gifts for dog moms friendship bracelet

Friendship Collar


This adorable idea is by FriendShip Collar and is the perfect accessory for any dog mom.

Get your dog a fancy new collar along with a matching friendship bracelet for you!

Their collars come in all different patterns and sizes. So you can rock these if you have a Yorkie or a Newfoundland! It ships fast and is vegan approved.

And on top of that a percentage of each sale is donated to shelters across the US to help feed rescue dogs in need. Sounds like an all around win for me!

Weiner Dog Wine Glass Drink Markers


Have you ever had a wine night with the girls and gotten your glasses mixed up?

Never mix up your cabernet with your pinot noir again!

Even if you haven’t, you should still definitely get these precious Weiner dog wine glass drink markers. They are the perfect little gift for dog moms. They wrap around the bottom stem of the glass and add so much extra fun to drinking with the girls! 

gifts for dog moms fuzzy slippers

Jessica Simpson Faux Fur House Slippers


I know Jessica Simpson from back before her clothing line when “her boots were made for walking”. But I personally love her fashion line just as much as I love her music.

Before I got these slippers I was wearing flip flops around the house all day and my feet were killing me.

Now that the cold weather is coming up, these slippers are much more comfortable and also super cute & cozy!

I got two pairs in different colors because I know these are going to be in high demand for Christmas this year.

Put these on your list for sure. You deserve it girl!

Underwater Dogs Coffee Table Book


Us dog moms try so hard to keep our homes pet friendly, tidy, and cute all at the same time.

One great touch to any dog mom’s living room is this Coffee Table Book of Underwater Dogs.

It’s always nice for guests to have something to look at while you run to the kitchen to get their beverages.

Most people have some stuffy antique book or fashion lookbook. You’ll have this hilariously entertaining photographic book of dogs trying to catch tennis balls underwater.

It’s enough to turn any frown upside down! 

gifts for dog moms sherpa lines sweatpants

Sherpa Lined Sweatpants


If you live in the northeast like I do, it gets very cold here.

And if you’re a dog mom that lives in these climates, you know it’s a miserable experience taking your dog out for a walk on a below freezing morning.

But fear not! I have found the solution to our problems.

These amazing Sherpa Lined Sweatpants are insulated and extra warm so walks outside are a breeze.

They come in so many cute colors too so you can get a few pairs if you’re someone who’s cold all the time.

I think these are great for myself but also a great gift for dog moms this Christmas. They’ll love it for sure! <3

Doggie Salt & Pepper Shakers


What a cute little touch to add to your kitchen! I usually feel that dog themed kitchen items (like wine glasses or silverware) are tacky and take away from my minimalist theme.

But these little Doggie Salt & Pepper Shakers are a cute personal touch to your kitchen that at the same time doesn’t scream how obsessed with dogs you are.

They have multiple different breeds so you can also pick your favorite one. 🙂 

Dog Wallet


After learning how to make a budget and stick to it, I decided that one of the things I’ll do for myself each year is get myself a new wallet.

I feel like getting a new wallet symbolizes having a good relationship with money. So once my wallet starts looking a little worn out, I’ll get a new one.

Fortunately I came across these fun Dog Wallets that are the perfect size for all of my cards. And they’re the perfect little gift for dog moms!

They have so many different breeds including Corgi’s, Great Danes, Australian Shepards, and more! 

gifts for dog moms matching coffee shirts

Matching Outfits With Your Dog


What better way to show that your dog is your best friend than to wear coordinating outfits?

This cute set says “I need coffee” on the human shirt and “I’m a latte to handle” on the dog shirt. How cute and clever is that?!

It comes in all different colors but my favorite is the black one. You’re guaranteed to get a free puppuccino at Starbucks wearing these! 

Treat Tossing Camera


Definitely something I’m keeping on my list for Black Friday is this Turbo Treat Tossing Camera.

This camera easily hooks up to Alexa and full HD night vision so you can check on your fur baby at any time of day.

In addition, this camera has a bark alert sent to your phone whenever your dog barks so you can check to see why.

It also has a two way microphone so you and you dog can talk to each other all day long.

Last but not least, this camera gives treats on demand! So if your dog is being a good boy, you can toss him a treat while you’re at work for a job well done.


What did you think of this list? What gifts for dog moms would you get for yourself or the other dog moms in your life? Let me know in the comments! 

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