Best Pet Tech Gifts to get Your Dog this Christmas

As we head into the holiday season, we often get wrapped up in buying the best gifts for our friends and family. But what about our dogs? They may not need the new iPhone or Mac, but there is some awesome new pet tech making its way into the animal industry.

I know that tech gadgets for your pet can be expensive, so today we will be checking out some of the hottest new pet tech to grab on sale for your dog this Black Friday.

pet tech furbo camera

Furbo Dog Camera


Do you hate being away from your dog during work?

If so, then this is the gadget for you. The Furbo Dog Camera (affiliate link) from Amazon is a camera and a treat dispenser combined.

If you want to check on your dog at work just turn on the camera via the app and toss them a treat.

In addition, this camera has a bark detector that will send a notification to your phone so you can check to see what altered your dog and talk them down via the two-way microphone.

Lastly, this camera also has fantastic night vision, so you can even check on your dog when all of the lights are off at night.

I think this is a great tool if you have to leave your puppy unattended or if you’re just obsessed with your dog like I am. 

Professional Dog Grooming Kit


If you have a dog that likes to rack up bills at the groomer, then this is something you should definitely grab of this year’s pet tech list.

This professional full grooming set (affiliate link) is by Pet Union, and has all the tools you need like scissors, guide combs, nail clippers, styling combs, and more!

My favorite thing about this grooming set is that the buzzer is super quiet and nervous dogs like Cali don’t freak out like they usually would.

I’ve invested in a few grooming sets but this is the best one I’ve used by far. 

pet tech pet fitness robot

Pet Fitness Robot


Does your dog pack on a few pounds during the winter season? Mine do!

Sometimes it gets too cold to take the dogs outside, so I got this Interactive Treat Dispensing Fitness Robot (affiliate link) from Amazon.

This cute little robot keeps your pup busy all day by following the schedule that you set for it.

I like to set mine up for 30 mins of play and dispensing 4 treats per session. It’ll do this once every 2 hours to keep them occupied.

This is the perfect pet tech gift for small dogs, nervous dogs, and senior dogs who can’t really get out on walks anymore. 

Mighty Paw Smart Bell


When we moved into a bigger house, Cali and Archie had some adjusting to do when it came to letting me know that they needed to go outside.

In our old apartment, I could see the front door so the dogs would just stand there and wait for me to open it.

Since I can no longer see every door leading outside, I knew I had to retrain them to signal me to let me know.

I tried hanging a string of bells on the doorknob that they could boop to alert me, but it didn’t work.

One day I saw this Mighty Paw Smart Bell (affiliate link) pop up on Amazon and I figured I’d try it out.

After about 2 days Archie and Cali got the concept and now whenever they want to go outside, they’ll ring the bell.

Sometimes they’ll even ring it multiple times if they’re growing impatient with me! Haha. 

pet tech filtered water bowl

Veken Pet Fountain


Is your dog a messy drinker? One of mine is!

Archie is a professional at drinking water and leaving pieces of food and spit in the bowl.

At one point I was refilling the water bowl over 20 times a day!

Cali was so grossed out she started drinking out of the bathroom sink!

Luckily, this Pet Fountain by Veken (affiliate link) is a lifesaver. It constantly filters your dog’s drinking water naturally to remove food, hair, and chlorine heavy metals.

In addition, this bowl holds up to 2.5L of water, so your pet can have clean drinking water all day!

Wickedbone Smartbone


Another great addition to the pet tech list is the Wickedbone Smartbone (affiliate link).

This interactive bone comes on wheels and is made to keep your dog busy.

This toy has 12 built in emotional driven systems and responds to different behaviors from your dog like chasing, teasing, or running.

In addition, this toy does not require manual operation, but if you want there is a joystick app that you can connect to manually operate the Wickedbone.

Choose from 9 different motions and let your dog go crazy! It’s very durable and the wheels come off for easy cleaning.

And the best part is that they have 24 hour customer support in case you need help with anything!

pet tech wireless electric fence

Petsafe Wireless Fence


Do you live in a place where you aren’t allowed to have a fence? Maybe you have a huge property and having a fence just doesn’t make sense.

But if you have a dog, how do you make sure they stay on your property without one?

Well, this pet fence is the pet tech solution for you!

This above ground invisible fence from Pet Safe (affiliate link) has ¾ acre of circular coverage, leaving plenty of room for your dog to roam.

In addition, the collar features a tone-only mode as well as 5 levels of static correction for the super persistent dogs.

Even though I have a fence, I actually keep this set in my car and use it when we go camping or to a friends house that has no fence.

It also only takes about an hour to set up, which is great. Since this product can literally save your dog’s life I say this is something that every dog owner should have on hand!

Sofa Scram


Another thing that I like to bring to my friend’s houses is Sofa Scram (affiliate link).

In my house, dogs are allowed on the couch, the beds, and pretty much any other soft service.

However, I have family and friends who do not allow this to happen.

My dogs don’t understand the difference between my couch and someone else’s couch, so they would just be confused when I told them to stay off.

After getting Sofa Scram, the dogs will stay off anything that I lay it onto.

This gadget basically rolls out like a towel and admits a high frequency noise as soon as your dog’s paw touches the mat.

Once your dog hears the noise they will stay far away from whatever you wanted to keep them off. Works like a charm!


I hope you found this list of pet tech helpful when shopping for the holidays this season.

Many of these products will be greatly discounted on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so be on the lookout for major price drops soon! 

What was your favorite pet tech gadget from this list? Which one do you plan on getting your dog? Let me know in the comments!

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