10 Christmas Sweaters for Large Dogs You Have to Have

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas! I know you have your own Christmas sweater. But does your dog have one? It can be difficult to find nice Christmas sweaters for large dogs.

During the wintertime, Cali often refuses to go outside because it is simply “too cold to go potty”.

To solve this problem, over the past few years I’ve accumulated several sweaters so Cali can be cozy all winter long!

Since it took some internet hunting to find some good sweaters for large dogs, I’ve made it easier for you and gathered them all into a list for you.

Check out my list of these 10 amazing holiday sweaters and costumes for the large dog in your life. 😉

Reindeer Sweater

Price: $19

The first Christmas Sweater for large dogs I’d like to show you is this Reindeer Sweater (affiliate link) from Amazon.

This adorable sweater has sizes X Small through XX Large for any size dog.

Cali is 70 pounds with broad shoulders, so I sized up and got the XXL. It fits perfectly. 🙂

Santa Suit for Dogs

Price: $22

These hilarious Christmas Costumes (affiliate link) are by K9 Casual on Amazon.

You can choose between the elf, reindeer, or santa costume, or get all 3!

These costumes are running out fast, but luckily all of the larger sizes are still left. So be sure to get some while you can!

Snowflake Sweater

Price: $15

I got this Snowflake Sweater (affiliate link) last year for Cali to keep her nice and warm at night.

This sweater comes in small, medium, and large and comes in red, black, or multicolor.

For this sweater, I ordered Cali a Large at 75 lbs and it fits great. 

christmas sweaters for large dogs outdoor reversible coat

Waterproof Windproof Dog Coat

Price: $30

Though this isn’t much of a Christmas sweater for large dogs, I still wanted to put it on my list because Cali won’t go outside in the winter without it!

I like to flip it inside out so the plaid felt is on the inside. I think it keeps her more warm.

This Outdoor Dog Coat (affiliate link) is reversible, waterproof and windproof and is perfect for those bitter winter walks.

Sizes range from XS to 3XL so no matter how big your dog is, there is a size for them!

In addition, they come in 8 different colors, so you can pick your favorite. 😉

christmas sweaters for large dogs  snowman sweater

Snowman Sweater

Price: $15

Are you a fan of Frosty the Snowman? Look no further!

This adorable Snowman Sweater (affiliate link) is exactly what your dog needs to spread holiday cheer and is definitely a great Christmas sweater for large dogs.

This item seems to be a very hot seller on Amazon, but they still have M, L, XL, and XXL sizes left.

So grab one while you still can! 

Santa’s Helper Sweater

Price: $15

This Elf Sweater (affiliate link) just popped onto Amazon a few days ago and I’m obsessed!

Every year I like to call my dogs Santa’s helpers because they’re always involved in the gift wrapping and decorating.

Now that I’ve found this sweater, I can actually dress them up as elves!

But it gets better. On top of the elf sweater, they also have other sweaters like reindeers, santas, and Christmas trees.

So far the XL is sold out, but all other sizes are still available!

christmas sweaters for large dogs  reindeer sweater

Reindeer Hoodie

Price: $16

If you’re less “crazy Christmas lady” and more on the traditional side, then this Reindeer Hoodie (affiliate link) from Amazon is the Christmas sweater for your large dog.

I think this is the perfect holiday sweater for boy dogs, which can be hard to find sometimes!

They have all of the sizes for large dogs, so be sure to grab one while you can! 

Buffalo Plaid Heart Dog Hoodie

Price: $18

If you’re looking for a simple holiday hoodie, you can get this adorable heart plaid hoodie from Stpiatue.

This is a great hoodie for boy dogs, and I think I might get one for Archie this year!

Sizes range from XS all the way to XXL, so there’s no question here when it comes to finding Christmas sweaters for large dogs here.

christmas sweaters for large dogs santa hoods

Santa Hood

Price: $16

This also isn’t considered a “sweater”, but I had to put it on the Christmas sweater list for dogs because, well…look at them! They’re Santa Hoods!

To some they may look dorky, but I think they’re ADORABLE.

Plus, Cali and Archie’s ears are freezing after coming inside in the winter, so this is a solid solution to that problem.

Now Cali won’t have to give me that “it’s too cold to go potty” face. 


I hope you like some of these Christmas sweaters for dogs.

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments and be sure to post a pic of your dog in their new sweater! 🙂

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