Top 20 Best Dog Toys for Power Chewers in 2021

If you’re a dog mom of a toy shredder, you know how hard it can be to find the best dog toys for power chewers. 

As the mom of two pitbulls, I can tell you from personal experience that we’ve gone through a lot of toys in this house. 

There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not picking up rubber toy pieces. 

Even though I don’t mind picking up the remains of toys, I still want toys that are sturdy enough for my dogs to chew while I’m not home.

Cali has extreme separation anxiety and chews to self soothe when she’s nervous. If we didn’t have durable chew toys for her, we might come home to a shredded couch!

The stronger the chewer, the stronger the love. <3

Today we will be going over the top 20 best dog toys for the power chewer in your life. 

best dog toys for power chewers benebone wishbone

Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone

Price: $11

Durability Score: 7/10

Benebone is one of the best companies for power chewers.

This durable wishbone is flavored with 100% real bacon and is designed for easy holding.

My other favorite thing about Benebone is that they’re made in the USA!

Not only is my dog happy, but I’m happy supporting an American business any day.

This toy has lasted us over 6 months and is still pretty much intact! 

best dog toys for power chewers Benebone Maplestick

Benebone Bacon Maplestick

Price: $19

Durability Score: 9/10

Real sticks can be dangerous for dogs.

For many power chewers, sticks can break and get lodged on the roof of their mouth or splinter, causing a lot of pain for your dog.

Luckily, Benebone has come out with this bacon maple stick that’s perfect for your stick lover.

This toy is also extremely durable, and barley has marks on it over a year later. 

Nylabone Dura Chew Giant

Price: $11

Durability Score: 7/10

Next on the list of best dog toys for power chewers is the Dura Chew Giant by Nylabone.

Made in the USA with nylon, this peanut butter flavored bone forms tough bristles that help clean your dog’s teeth while they’re chewing.

Cali loved this toy and it lasted us about 6 months. Just keep in mind this toy creates a lot of sharp pieces once they dry from your dogs drool and hurt when you step on them. 

The Dogness Monster

Price: $15

Durability Score: 6/10

Back in the day when we used to get BarkBox, this toy came in one of our monthly boxes.

I got a kick out of the creativity, and my dogs loved it too! Not only is it durable, but the rubber part makes the toy very bouncy.

Cali got through most of the rubber after the first month, but we still have the monster to this day!

best dog toys for power chewers barkbone bbq bone

BarkBone BBQ Infused Bone

Price: $11

Durability Score: 9/10

Barkbone is another one of my favorite companies when looking for the best dog toys for power chewers.

This BBQ flavored bone has lasted us over a year now with two pitbulls in the house.

I consider this a success!

Last but not least, it’s made in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about any toxic chemicals. 

Benebone Double Ring Dental Chew Toy

Price: $11

Durability Score: 9/10

Benebone has made the list once again with their double ring durable chew toy.

Archie usually tries to use this as a tug of war toy, but Cali knows the handles are for holding.

This is another toy that’s lasted months in our house, and we have both the beef and chicken flavors. 

VANFINE Dog Squeaker Toy

Price: $12

Durability Score: 7/10

If your dog likes squeaky toys but usually shreds them to pieces in five minutes, this toy is for them!

This durable squeaker toy is made by VANFINE, and designed with power chewers in mind.

Made in the USA, this beef flavored chew toy is sure to spark your dog’s interest.

The company also gets bonus points for offering a lifetime replacement guarantee!

Bullibone Nylon Dog Chew Toy

Price: $9

Durability Score: 7/10

I originally didn’t have high hopes for this chew toy when I purchased it on Amazon, but it proved me wrong!

This Bullibone is skinny but powerful.

Made with handles at the bottom for easy holding, this peppermint flavored toy is perfect for cleaning tartar off your dog’s teeth.

8 months later, we still have our Bullibone! 

best dog toys for power chewers bone twin pack

Nylabone Classic Flavors Twin Pack 

Price: $8

Durability Score: 7/10

With both chicken and bacon flavors, this Nylabone Twin Pack is sure to make your pup start drooling.

At only $8, these bones are a great deal. As your dog chews, tough bristles break off and clean their gums.

I buy a pack of these bones every six months and give one to each dog. 

Petstages Large Dogwood Stick

Price: $13

Durability Score: 9/10

Another great chew toy for stick lovers, this large dogwood stick is sure to keep your dog occupied.

Made in the U.S.A. from a blend of natural wood fiber and safer synthetic materials, this chew toy will help your dog’s stick fix without the splintering.

This stick also floats just like real wood, so it’s great for water dogs and retrieval training. 

Kseroo’s Meaty Chew Toy 

Price: $12

Durability Score: 8/10

Another great bone on the best dog toys for power chewers is this meaty chew toy from Kseroo’s.

Made of safe, food-grade nylon, this beef flavored toy is fantastic at helping your dog clean their teeth.

Cali’s chewed this for over 7 months now and it’s still going strong!

best dog toys for power chewers hedgehog toy

Homipooty’s Hedgehog Chew Toy

Price: $17

Durability Score: 6/10

If you’re tired of bones and sticks, you can check out this durable hedgehog from Homipooty.

The spikes and ridges on the hedgehog back act as a toothbrush and work their way in between your dog’s gums to clean them.

Cali got through this one in about 5 months, so I consider it a win!

Slow Feeder Pineapple Chew Toy

Price: $17

Durability Score: 7/10

Made of powerful rubber, this Pineapple Slow Feeder is great for power chewers.

Not only is this toy durable, it also gives your dog a mental challenge by slowly dispensing treats as it bounces along the floor.

Archie loves this toy and has chewed it everyday the past 2 months. So far so good! 

best dog toys for power chewers rubber ropes

Yipetor’s Durable Dog Chew Toys 6 Pack

Price: $23

Durability Score: 7/10 

Does your power chewer also love tug of war?

Mine does!

Archie is always down for a game of tug of war, but Cali won’t play with him unless there is a rubber toy attached to the rope.

This awesome 6 pack has a variety of different ropes that are sure to keep your dog entertained.

In addition, there are small rubber spikes that help clean their teeth as they’re playing.

Cali eventually chewed off the rubber after about 4 months, but the ropes are still going strong a year later!

Just make sure to toss them in the washing machine to keep the toys clean

Barkbone Extreme Dinosaur Bone 

Price: $10

Durability Score: 9/10

Another great toy of bone lovers, this dinosaur bone is great for large power chewers.

Made in the USA with real bacon flavor, this toy is not only tasty but will stand up to your dog’s powerful job.

We’ve had this bone over a year and it barely has any marks on it!

best dog toys for power chewers gator squeak toy

Rmolitty’s Squeaky Dog Toy

Price: $10

Durability Score: 7/10

Another great toy on the list of best dog toys for power chewers is this squeaky alligator toy from Rmolitty.

Archie is obsessed with squeaky toys and this one is no exception.

After 6 months this chew toy is still going strong! 

Interactive Natural Rubber Training Ring

Price: $18

Durability Score: 8/10

This toy was made with German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Bully’s, and Labs in mind.

Made with a unique natural rubber, this ring is great for chewing, training, and tug of war.

I tied a rope around mine and use this toy to help Archie’s tug of war obsession.

Just in case, they have a lifetime replacement guarantee too!

best dog toys for power chewers gorilla

Arm & HammerDental Chew Toy 

Price: $9

Durability Score: 6/10

Even though this toy isn’t the most durable on the list, it’s Cali’s favorite.

This toy does a great job of cleaning her teeth, and is infused with baking soda to make her teeth whiter.

Another great thing about this toy is there is a hole on the bottom to stick treats in, making this a great mental puzzle for Cali.

Because she chews this one all day, every day, I usually get this one once a month.

But for any dog that’s not an obsessive chewer, I’m sure it would last much longer!

Cactus Tough Dental Chew Toy

Price: $12

Durability Score: 7/10

This uniquely shaped cactus toy from MewaJump is sure to peak your dog’s curiosity as soon as you give it to them.

This toy is made of natural rubber and is fantastic for power chewing puppies and adults alike.

There is a milk-like flavor that makes dog’s love this toy, helping them clean their teeth while they chew.

This toy lasted us about 6 months in our house!

best dog toys for power chewers antler chew

Devil Dog Pet Co.’s Antler Dog Chew

Price: $20

Durability Score: 8/10

Another great chew toy for stick lovers is this antler chew toy from Devil Dog Pet Co.

This real elk antler is sure to bring out your dog’s inner wild animal.

Unlike rawhides which have been shown to be dangerous; Bully sticks and pig ears which can be messy and stinky, these whole antler dog chews are all-natural, clean, and odorless.

Cali loves these and we still have ours over a year later!


I hope this list of best dog toys for power chewers has helped you choose the right toy for your dog.

It can be hard to pick from dozens of toys on the internet, but based on my experience with two power chewing pitbulls, these are our favorites. 

Does your dog have any toys on this list? Which one is their favorite?

Do you make a power chewer toy that you don’t see on this list? Please reach out so we can share your toy with the world! 

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