The Ultimate List of Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Dogs

From pumpkins to football games, fall is a wonderful time of the year. There are so many activities going on, many of which are outside and dog friendly! If your dog has an Instagram like Cali & Archie do, you’re probably thinking of different fall photoshoot ideas for dogs. 

If you’re new to photography and want to have professional looking photos right away, be sure to check out the 10 photography composition rules.

The good news is that dogs are usually great models and are willing to let you take countless photos of them. So they’re great to practice your skills with!

To get started, here are 9 different fall photoshoot ideas you can try with your dog this autumn. 

fall photoshoot ideas for dogs leaves


If you live up north where the leaves change, you should definitely take advantage of the fall foliage.

One of the easiest fall photoshoot ideas for dogs is taking pictures with all the colorful leaves.

You can get creative by tossing leaves in the air, having them run into a leaf pile, and more. 

Pumpkin Patch

Head to your local dog friendly pumpkin patch and let your dog pick their own pumpkin!

Nothing says fall more than your dog sitting in a pumpkin patch. You can also turn the pumpkins into jack o’lanterns and have your dog take pictures next to the best ones.

Make it even cuter by putting them in a sweater or halloween costume for extra spooky vibes. 

fall photoshoot ideas for dogs apple orchard

Apple Orchard

Many times the same farmers who have pumpkin patches also have apple orchards on their land. Spend some time picking delicious apples and snap a few pics of your dog along the way.

Last year we went to Apple Dave’s Orchards in Upstate New York and had a blast with Archie and Cali picking apples and pumpkins.

Not only do they have a pumpkin patch and dozens of different apple species to choose from, they also have live music, walking trails and events for kids, and amazing apple cider donuts baked fresh throughout the fall season.

Apple picking starts Labor Day weekend so make sure to plan ahead! 

Halloween Costumes

Another classic fall photoshoot idea for dogs is taking pictures of your dog in their halloween costume.

Last year there was a huge trend of dog moms turning their fur babies into ghosts by recycling old sheets. The results did not disappoint!

However, you don’t have to keep up with trends to have a great photo op with your dog. There are dozens of different costumes made for dogs.

If you want to get really creative, you can make your own! 

fall photoshoot ideas for dogs fall sweater

Fall Sweaters

As it starts to get cooler, some dogs may get chilly when they go outside.

Cali has a variety of different sweaters that we break out for the fall.

Not only is she nice and cozy, but I get to take adorable pictures of her with the leaves when we go for our daily walks. 


Take advantage of the fall foliage by taking your dog on a scenic hike through the wilderness.

Bring your camera along and capture your dog’s face as they become one with nature running down the trail.

Some of my favorite pictures of my dogs are from autumn hikes in the woods and I look back at them often.

Not only will you have great pictures when you’re done, you’ll also have an exhausted dog! 

fall photoshoot ideas for dogs cozy in bed

Cozy in Bed

Feeling lazy? Why not get cozy with your pup and spend the day in bed?

Bust out the blankets and hot coco and put on your favorite halloween movie while your dog lays at your feet.

Be sure to snap a few pics of your cozy aesthetic while your dog snoozes with you. Bonus points for getting fall foliage from the window in the picture! 

By the Campfire

In my opinion, fall is the best time for camping. It’s always nice and cool at night, making it the perfect opportunity for a campfire.

If you have a camera that takes great pictures at night, this is a fun fall photoshoot idea for dogs.

This is especially a great idea for huskies, german shepherds, and other dogs that resemble wolves.

If you happen to be there during a full moon, definitely try to get that in your shots as well!

fall photoshoot ideas for dogs tailgating


Are you a sports fan? The last on the list of great photoshoot ideas for dogs is by hanging out at the tailgate before the game.

If you have your team’s jersey, put it on your dog for some extra team spirit!

When posting your dog’s photos on social media, be sure to tag the team in your picture. You never know, maybe your dog can be their new mascot!


I hope this post gave you some inspiration when planning your fall photoshoot ideas for your dog. Have more ideas? Spread the love and let us know in the comments!

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