8 Safe Activities & Places to Take Your Antisocial Dog

Are you having problems thinking of places to take your antisocial dog?

Having a dog that doesn’t like other dogs is a challenge for many dog owners. Not every dog can stroll into a dog park and handle 30 dogs chasing and jumping on top of them.

Personally, I don’t think dog parks are a good idea in general, as there are usually several dog fights a week with owners who can’t recall their dogs.

In fact, this is how Cali became an antisocial dog.

Why Dog Parks Aren’t Safe

When Cali was about 6 months old, she was playing in the dog park with a few other dogs when someone with a dog straight from the shelter released their dog into the park.

Clearly that owner did not test their new dog’s temperament, because he started attacking dogs left and right.

Unfortunately Cali got caught up in the chaos and that dog bit a chunk of her head off.

Since that day, Cali has major trust issues with other dogs and will try to avoid them at all costs. If they get too close to her and invade her personal space, she’ll snap at them.

Sadly, my dog isn’t the only one with this story. Dogs get attacked daily in dog parks and are traumatized for the rest of their life.

If you are taking your dog to the park, make sure you go with the same usual group of people and you know which dogs will be in the park.

In addition, make sure your dog recalls 100% of the time, with distractions, before you ever step into a dog park.

You want to make sure that your dog will immediately come to you in case you spot a fight that’s about to break out.

With all of that said, today I will be talking about 8 different activities you can do with your antisocial dog that will make them forget all about the dog park!

Drive Thru

The first great place to take your antisocial dog is a trip through the drive-thru.

There are eateries like Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A that give out puppuccinos and other dog friendly snacks. Go on a day when the weather is nice and drive with all the windows down so your dog can enjoy the fresh air.

You’ll make the drive-thru person’s day, and your dog will love the sugar rush!

Places to Take Your Antisocial Dog hiking


Hiking is another great place for an antisocial dog.

Trails are great because they’re usually not packed with people, and it gives your dog a break from the busy, noisy streets.

If you’re in the New Jersey/ New York area like me, you can try one of my 10 favorite New York hiking trails.

Just make sure you keep your dog leashed at all times in case you happen to pass another dog on the trails. You wouldn’t want a fight to break out where other people aren’t around to help you.

If your dog likes going off trail, you can get one of these 20ft leashes (affiliate link) so you always have a hold of them in case you need to pull them back to you. 

Local Park

Just because your dog can’t go to the dog park doesn’t mean they can’t spend time at a regular park with you.

Grab some pup friendly snacks and a picnic blanket and head over to the shadiest tree in the park. Lay out the blanket and tie a long leash around the tree so your dog can’t run away.

Enjoy the next few hours people watching from afar while eating delicious snacks with your dog. They’ll really appreciate the change of scenery while also munching with their favorite human. 🙂

Places to Take Your Antisocial Dog stores retail


Planning on going shopping soon? Why not take your dog with you?

There are over 35 dog friendly stores across the US, from retail to hardware stores, so this is a great activity to expose your dog to new environments.

Just call ahead before you head to the store to make sure the manager on duty is aware.

Your dog won’t have to worry about other dogs popping up around the corner, and will definitely enjoy all the love they’ll get from bored employees. 

Sports Games

Another good place to take your antisocial dog is to your local high school sports game.

Check your town’s website to see what school and other league games are happening in your area.

Show support for your favorite team by giving your dog a bandana with the team’s colors. If it’s hot outside, make sure to bring a few towels for you and your dog to sit on in case the metal bleachers get too hot.

Your dog will love all the action, just make sure they’re leashed at all times so they don’t run onto the field after the ball! (I’ve seen it happen before!)

Places to Take Your Antisocial Dog solo walk

Solo Walk

What simpler place to take your antisocial dog than to take them on a nice solo walk with you around the neighborhood.

Change up your regular walk routine by picking a different route with new sights and smells for your dog to take in.

Daily walks help nervous dogs learn unfamiliar surroundings and help them pick up scents of other dogs in the area. They can even tell by scent if other dogs are sick, nervous, or excited without ever seeing the other dog.

For antisocial dogs, this gives them a chance to read cues from other dogs without ever having to meet them face to face.

If you do happen to see another dog coming up the block, make sure to cross the street to avoid any conflict and help your dog feel more secure. 


Does your dog love water? Swimming is an awesome activity for an antisocial dog.

If you’re fine with your dog in the pool, toss in a ball and let them dive in! If you don’t want dogs in the pool, you can head to a natural lake or pond in your area.

Swimming is fantastic for dogs because it quickly burns energy and builds muscle. And for the antisocial dog, it’s impossible to attack another dog when they’re swimming in 6ft of water!

I take Cali swimming a lot in the summer. Water isn’t her favorite thing, but her ball is. So when I throw her ball, she’ll swim out and get it each time.

By the end of the trip, she’s passed out for the rest of the day. 

Places to Take Your Antisocial Dog friends house

A Friend’s House Without Dogs

The last place to take your antisocial dog is to your friend’s non-dog household.

If your friend allows dogs in their house, your dog will love scouting out all the smells in the new home. If they have a yard, even better!

Your dog will love the new sights and smells, and will appreciate all the extra attention they’ll be getting from your friend and their family.

Over the years most of my friends have gotten dogs, but before they did we took Cali to everyone’s house. She didn’t even know she was missing the dog park! 


I hope this short list of places to take your antisocial dog was helpful.

It can be difficult to come up with social activities for a dog who doesn’t like other dogs. But with a little creativity our antisocial dogs can be just as fulfilled as our social dogs.

What’s your favorite place to take your antisocial dog? Let me know in the comments! 

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