10 Beautiful Dog Friendly Plants For Your Garden This Year

With spring right around the corner, you’re probably already planning out your garden for the 2021 season. As a responsible dog mom, you’re probably researching dog friendly plants for your backyard garden.

Today we will be going over 12 beautiful ornamental plants that are not only fido friendly, but they will also make your yard the most beautiful in your neighborhood! 

dog friendly plants african violets

African Violets

This low maintenance dog friendly plant blooms in a variety of colors.

Choose between lavenders, blues, pinks, reds, and whites for a solid pop of color to your garden.

These violets have a best chance of blooming between 65 to 75 degrees and should be planted in partial shade.

African Violets don’t do great in direct sunlight as it often burns their leaves.

Only water when the soil is dry to the touch, and you’ll have blooming color all season long. 


This low growing foliage comes in white, pink, and purple and blooms with color from June to October in most growing zones.

Unlike African Violets, Alyssum flowers need 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to be their best.

This plant is usually treated as an annual but if you do nothing to it at the end of the growing season, it will plant its own seeds and bloom on its own next year.

I like to use this dog friendly plant as a space filler for any bald spots I have in my garden.

This plant thrives in most regions throughout the United States and is quite hardy to heat and drought. 

dog friendly plants aster


Aster flowers are not only a dog friendly plant, they are also bee and butterfly friendly!

Plant these flowers in your garden to help the ecosystem and bring a whole range of butterflies into your backyard.

These daisy-like flowers come in blue, pink, purple, red and white and bloom in the late summer to fall.

I like having these in my garden to add a pop of color as most of the summer blooms start to fade away.

Aster plants prefer climates with cool, moist summers, especially at night, though they grow well in most growing zones. 

Black Eyed Susans 

Native to North America, this bright plant is actually in the sunflower family.

Like the Aster plant, this wildflower attracts bees and butterflies, so it helps our ecosystem by planting them in your yard.

As for colors, you will find this plant in orange, red and yellow, bringing warmer colors into your garden.

It is important to note that Black Eyed Susans spread easily and can sometimes crowd out other plants, so these do best in their own section or in pots.

These dog friendly plants bloom from June through October and prefer full sunlight.

I like to plant these and use them as cut flowers in the house since they grow and spread quickly. They add a nice pop of color to the dining room table!

dog friendly plants hibiscus


If you’re looking for a more tropical flower, the Hibiscus plant may be a good choice for you.

These colorful blooms do best between 60-90 degrees and do best in pots when slightly rootbound.

These sensitive plants cannot survive in below freezing temperatures, so when fall rolls around it’s best to take these inside for the winter.

When blooming, these plants need to be watered daily. However once bloomed daily watering can kill the plant so it’s best to cut back to every few days.

In the winter, only water this plant when the soil is dry to the touch.

I have tried to plant these up north but they do much better in southern regions like Florida and Georgia.  


If you’re looking for a colorful filler plant or ground cover, Impatiens are the perfect dog-friendly plant!

These flowers come in orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow, so you can choose the perfect color scheme for your garden.

An important note about these flowers is that the closer you plant them together, the taller they grow.

With that said, if you’re looking to use Impatiens as ground cover you will want to plant them 12-18 inches apart to keep them low to the ground.

Lastly, these bright flowers attract a variety of birds and are a great addition if you want to add more wildlife to your backyard.

If your dog likes chasing birds, then they’ll be happy you planted Impatiens! 

dog friendly plants petunias


Petunias are a popular dog friendly plant due to their bright colors and long blooming period throughout the spring, summer and fall.

They are also excellent for filling in gaps in your garden as they can spread up to 4 feet, filling any spaces around larger plants.

I like to plant these surrounding larger potted plants or in the front of the garden beds for a pop of color.

You can also plant these in hanging pots to add some flair to your front porch.

Petunias do best in full sun and should be planted about 12 inches apart after the first frost.

To prevent them from getting leggy, you should prune back the shoots to keep them growing close to the ground.

These plants are the perfect addition for any gardner who likes to see color in their garden all season long!


Another wonderful dog friendly plant to put in your garden this year is Snapdragons (affiliate link).

This plant gets its name from the shape of the flower that looks much like a dragon’s head.

If you squeeze the base of the flower, you can see the “mouth of the dragon” snap closed.

These colorful flowers are actually perennials but are often grown as annuals and die out in the mid summer heat. But if you keep them watered, Snapdragons will bloom from spring to late fall.

If they get the chance to be pollinated by bumble bees, they will likely come back the next year.

These plants do best in a sunny, well drained location. So they are perfect for window boxes and flower pots. 

sweet potato vine dog friendly plants

Sweet Potato Vines

If you’re looking to add more foliage to your dog friendly garden, try adding Sweet Potato Vines!

Though they don’t grow sweet potatoes, they are in fact the same species and cousins of the sweet potato plant.

Sweet Potato Vines are most used as trailing accents to flower pots and are also grown on trellises for natural privacy screens.

This plant comes in a variety of colors from black leaves all the way to chartreuse, adding colorful coverage to your yard.

These plants on average grow 6-12 inches tall and each vine can grow up to 10 ft in length!

Keep in mind that Sweet Potato Vines usually don’t produce any flowers, so if you’re looking for colorful blooms you may want to choose another plant from this list. 

dog friendly plants zinnias


The last dog friendly plant on this list is the Zinnia plant.

These flowers are some of the easiest to grow, and bloom heavily for a burst of color throughout the summer and fall.

Ranging from white to red, these flowers even come in multicolor if you want a fun, unique look.

In addition, there are several types of Zinnia’s that come in a number of different heights and shapes to fit your garden’s needs.

You can easily plant these flowers from seed (affiliate link) by sticking the seeds right into your garden bed after the last frost.

Make sure to plant Zinnias where they will have direct sunlight for the best results.

I plant these every year because they are super easy to plant and manage and of course, are non toxic to dogs!


I hope this list of dog-friendly plants has helped you with planning your garden for this year.

Choosing non-toxic plants for your yard makes you a responsible dog mom and a thoughtful gardener!

Which dog-friendly plant on this list are you going to put in your garden this year? Let me know in the comments! 

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