How to Teach Your Dog to Sit in Less Than 10 Minutes

Want to teach your dog to sit in less than 10 minutes? Here’s how I do it!

Why “Sit” is Important

Sit is one of the first commands that you should teach your dog.

Whether they’re a puppy or fresh out of the shelter, sitting is a basic command that every dog should know how to do.

Not only is “sit” the foundation of other more complicated tricks like teaching your dog how to stay, but it is also an important command for creating a more calm and controlled dog.

This way, you have the foundations for teaching your dog to not jump on people at the door or to sit while waiting for traffic to stop during walks. 

When Should You Teach Your Dog to Sit

As soon as puppies open their eyes and start walking around, their brains are already making connections.

This means you can start training them the basics like their name and can begin implementing a regular routine.

By 7-8 weeks old, you can start getting the idea of “sit” in their head by saying the word “sit” every time they sit down.

By doing this your puppy will already begin to recognize this word and associate it with the actions he’s taking. Puppies are smarter than we think!

teach your dog to sit and get treats and a clicker

What You’ll Need

In order to teach your dog to sit, the most important things you’ll need are tasty treats, patience, and lots of praise.

If you want to train your dog with a clicker, you can use that as well.

Just click whenever they sit and your dog will catch on pretty quickly.

Personally, I never used a clicker with my dogs because they value treats and praise.

Plus Cali chewed up our clicker, so I took that as an obvious sign of protest.

How to Teach The Sit Command

To teach your dog to sit, start off by standing near the corner of a room with your dog.

Starting with your dog in the standing position, hold a treat right above their nose and slowly move it backwards behind their head.

As your dog tilts their head backwards to get the treat, they will naturally sit down.

The second they sit, say the command “sit” and immediately give them praise and a treat.

Do this repeatedly for about 10 minutes and your dog should put two and two together.

As a side note, make sure to say “sit” and not “sit down”, as this will make it confusing for your dog when you teach them to lay down.

In addition, I wouldn’t do more than 10 minute training sessions with a puppy, as they have short attention spans and can get mentally lost if pushed too hard. 

teach your dog to sit with hand signals

Hand Signals

I’m not sure if other dog moms do this, but I teach my dogs a hand signal with every command.

For the “sit” command, I make the thumbs up hand sign like the picture above.

This is mostly useful when I want them to do a command on camera without talking on video.

But I also use this if for times I can’t speak to them (like when I’m on the phone) or even at parties when my friends try to get them to do a trick, hand signals often work better.

To teach hand signals, simply do the hand signal at the same time you say the command and give the reward. Your dog will catch on quickly. 🙂

Further Education

Once your dog has mastered “sit” then you can move on to more advanced commands.

Once your dog sits, they can learn tricks like “sit pretty”, “shake” and even balance treats on their nose!

teach your dog to sit conclusion


Did this article help you teach your dog to sit in less than 10 minutes? I’d love to know in the comments!

Did you come up with any tricks that worked better for you? Let’s talk about it and learn together! 🙂

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