Best Luxury Dog Houses for Your Spoiled Pooch

Are you looking for a luxury dog house to spoil your best friend? Look no further!

Our dogs love us more than life itself. So it’s totally fair to want to spoil them and give them the best of everything, including their dog house.

Even if your dog doesn’t spend tons of time outside, it’s still important for them to have some type of shelter from the summer sun, rain, and snow.

Additionally, nobody is stopping you from bringing a cool dog house indoors.

Both Cali and Archie have their own separate dog houses in our bedroom so they have somewhere comfy to sleep at night.

I also have friends that keep a dog house in their living room instead of having an ugly crate. (Though you should always keep your crate for training purposes!)

Here are the top 5 luxury dog houses on the internet right now!

luxury dog houses log cabin

Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin

Price: $158

This solid log house is by Petmate and ranges from sizes small to extra large, so it’s a great house no matter what size your dog is.

It’s made with solid wood, stainless steel, and has a proper shingled roof to keep out bad weather. 

In addition, the house is completely sealed all the way around to keep out the bugs and other critters. 

Large Dog House Cabin Style Elevated Pet Shelter w/Porch Deck

Price: $409

If you want an even more luxurious log cabin, this two room cabin by Pawhut is a better choice.

Alternatively, if you have two dogs this is the perfect 2 in 1 solution for you!

Divided down the middle, this log cabin has 2 separate rooms for your dog. It also has a spacious, raised deck so your dog can soak up the sun. 

Fill one room with bedding and leave the other room empty so your dog has a space to get some shade.

And don’t worry about cleaning, the bottom floor slides out and the roof opens up so you can clean as tediously as you want!

This house is also raised off the ground and comes with plastic flaps for the doors, which is great for blocking drafts and extra bugs. 

luxury dog houses line lounge modern dog house

Line Lounge Modern Dog House

Price: $169

If you’re looking for a more modern luxury dog house look, then you should check out the Line Longe Modern Dog House on Etsy. 

I’m obsessed with the dark wood look, but you can choose between ebony, rosewood, and teak for your color schemes. 

I would personally keep this house indoors because of the cloth exterior, but if you live in a place that never rains, you can put this outside too. 

This luxury dog house comes in sizes small through large, and has specific measurements on Etsy so you can see what size is best for your dog. 

Cabana Garden Dog House

Price: $218

If you like the canvas style for your luxury dog house but want something more open, this Cabana Dog House on Etsy is a solid choice. 

Though I wouldn’t keep this outside, this is the perfect thing to have outside for your dog in the summer when it’s too hot from the sun. 

Many darker colored dogs have problems living in the south during the summer because of the heat, so this elevated cabana house is a perfect way to take a break from the sun.

luxury dog houses honeycomb dog house

Honeycomb Dog House

Price: $204

Are you a fan of honeybees? Well, now you can combine your love of bees and dogs with this adorable Honeycomb Luxury Dog House from Etsy.

This one is probably my favorite of the list. Made simplistically with plywood, this funky minimalist piece will fit easily into any boho or hygge look.

If you think it’s a little pricey, fear not. You can pay this house off in 4 installments to make spoiling your dog more affordable. 🙂


Which luxury dog house would you spoil your dog with? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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