How to Be More Productive as a Dog Mom This Year

How are you going to be a more productive dog mom this year?

As the new year approaches us, we often make plans and resolutions.

Most of the time however, we make vague resolutions that don’t even stick through the end of January.

How about this year, instead of making a list of random goals, let’s focus on how to be less stressed and more productive as a woman and dog mom.

That’s it.

By focusing on becoming more productive, you’re setting up good habits for yourself.

This results in a better chance of actually accomplishing your goals that you always plan for.

With that said, here are nine ways to be a more productive dog mom this year!

be more productive minimalist

Take a Minimalist Approach

If you’re going to be a more productive dog mom, you’ll have to start with getting rid of anything that doesn’t have purpose in your life!

Whether it be a toxic friend/family member that drains your energy, or all that unneeded stuff cluttering up your apartment.

Start by doing one small project each day, like the medicine cabinet or cleaning out your closet.

If you need help, I have a step by step home organization Ebook on my Etsy Shop! 🙂

Over time, the clutter will disappear, you’ll find things faster, and you’ll be more productive. 

Emotionally, decluttering your relationships can really improve your wellbeing.

I first started with social media, getting rid of people who I didn’t personally know or who posted upsetting/annoying content.

That alone opened up my news feeds so I could actually see the people I wanted to see!

Next, I scaled down to a smaller level to the people I personally spoke to on a regular basis.

I made a list with two columns, one with each person’s name, and the other with the typical emotions I feel when I interact with that person.

There were a few people on my list that I realized I dreaded talking to and spending time with.(and they were supposed to be my friends!)

In addition, I felt like it wasn’t fair to those people to be pretending everything was fine when it was really just a relationship that ran its course.

People can grow apart and that’s ok!

Whether it’s friends, family, or strangers on social media, getting rid of the toxic people in your life will definitely make you a more productive and happier dog mom. 

Only Multitask with Appliances

Multitasking seems like it would be the key to productivity, but be careful how you’re actually multitasking.

In my opinion, the only productive multitasking that can be done is with appliances/machines.

Essentially, this is “two separate brains” working for you at the same time.

Examples of multitasking with appliance multitasking are:

  • Putting in a load of laundry before going to the store so it’s done when you come back
  • Loading the dishwasher after breakfast to save time later washing dishes for dinner
  • Making bulk dinners for multiple in a crockpot while you work from home 

Now, when it comes to multitasking on your own, this is when it becomes unproductive.

Instead of working with “two separate brains”, you’re essentially splitting the processing power of your own brain, making you less productive.

Examples of this would look something like:

  • Listening to music and writing a blog post
  • Talking on the phone and scrolling through your phone
  • Listening to a podcast looking at your website’s analytics

In order to be more productive this year, try to keep this tip in mind.

I have found that once I realized this difference I have become much more productive throughout the day and have better quality work overall. 

Do 5 mins of Training Daily

One of the best ways to be a more productive dog mom is to have a well trained dog!

Who leaves the dog park first? The dog who listens to the first command, or the dog that zips around the whole park while their owner hopelessly calls their name?

Practicing key commands like recall and stay just five minutes each day will greatly improve your dog’s behavior over time.

In addition, working at correcting bad behaviors such as excessive howling or jumping can help improve your dog’s behavior and anxiety issues.

Consistency is key!

Have a Set Schedule for Your Dog’s Needs

Dogs thrive on routines.

Your dog knows when you’re leaving for work, when you get home, and when they’re going for a walk, all based on subtle mini routines you’re not even aware of! (Putting on your shoes and coat in the morning, your car pulling in the driveway after the mailman comes, or you grabbing the leash after you get home.)

Dogs like to be able to predict what will happen next, so try to do the same activities around the same times each day in order to decrease anxiety in your dog. (Ex. Walks everyday at 3PM, dinner everyday at 7PM, etc.) 

In addition, put a dog-care-specific schedule into your regular calendar/planner to avoid neglecting their grooming and health needs.

This includes repetitive tasks that we can easily forget like nail trimming, teeth brushing, and grooming appointments.

By joining you and your dogs schedules, you’re on the fast track to becoming a more productive dog mom!

be more productive work out outside with your dog

Get Exercise By Adventuring With Your Dog

At this point we should all know that exercise is crucial for maintaining your physical and mental health, weight, and youthfulness.

But why exercise in a boring gym when you have the best workout buddy living in your own house?

Skip the dull, boring treadmill and take a hike on a new nature trail with your dog. The harder the trail, the more calories you burn!

If you can’t get to the woods, head to the nearest soccer field and kick around a ball with your dog. You’re both sure to have a blast!

By exercising together, you’re getting healthier and bonding at the same time! 

Schedule Downtime 

Many dog moms try to be more productive by packing their schedule to the brim.

Most of the time, half of the list is things we don’t really want to do, so why are we doing them?

Saying “no” to activities you don’t want to participate in is healthy and sets boundaries.

We spend so much time trying to appease others’ requests and needs that we sometimes put ourselves (and our dogs) on the backburner.

Packing your schedule with these activities can quickly lead to burnout.

To fix this, block out a few hours each week for downtime. This time can be spent doing anything you want to do.

For me, this is usually cuddling with my husband, Cali, and Archie and watching a movie on the couch. (While both pups beg for popcorn.)

be more productive be social

Be Social

In a world of quarantining, it’s become easier than ever to make up a reason to be antisocial.

Though it’s totally ok to take care of yourself as an introvert, it’s also healthy for you to spend time with other humans.

In addition, socialization is great for your dog. Ideally, if you and all your friends have dogs, then all of your dogs can be friends too! 🙂

This is much better than going to the dog park, where there are so many germs, and can also have unknown dogs with unpredictable personalities.

Socializing with people and dogs you already know is a great way to stop the spread of germs, and also a genuine way to stay connected to those you care about. 🙂

Focus on Being Present

We spend too much time these days not being present with the world around us.

When we walk to the store, we immediately jam headphones into our ears.

When we’re out to dinner with our significant others, we’re scrolling through social media instead of talking to each other.

We often choose Netflix over fetch with our dogs outside.

We are even seeing this with the younger generations with babies playing on phones instead of with blocks, and teenageers opting for video games instead of playing outside.

While we are not present or self aware, life is passing us by day by day.

Before you know it you’re a few years older, your kids are growing up, and your dog’s fur is turning grey.

We spend too much time killing time, and not enough being present for those little precious moments we’re increasingly missing. 

 more productive never stop learning

Never Stop Learning

Just because you’re done with school doesn’t mean you should stop learning.

This could be anything from getting a certification in something, to learning a new hobby!

When your brain is constantly obtaining new information, it’s forced to stay sharp, greatly decreasing your risk of dementia and other diseases later on in life.

Even the smartest people in the world are always learning, so there is really no excuse! 😉


I hope this post gave you a clearer vision on how to become a more productive dog mom.

What will you take from this list and use in your own life? Let me know in the comments!

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