10 Real Ways to Make Money From Home

Are you tired of reading the same work from home articles? You know, the ones that tell you to take surveys and do transcription jobs for $5 per hour? Are you looking for real ways to make money from home?

Well you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for a way to make a decent living from home, take a look at these 10 real ways to make money from your living room couch. 

real ways to make money from home amazon


Personally, I love everything about Amazon. I think they are a brilliant company. Not only are they the largest retailer in the world, but they also happen to be a great company to work with. 

There are two real ways to make money from home through Amazon. The first is to work for Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Amazon M Turk provides consistent task based opportunities called HIT’s (human intelligence tasks). These are small tasks like updating a product listing or editing product photos that computers aren’t programmed to do yet. Most people say that they make an average of $8-12 per hour.

The best part about this opportunity is the flexibility. You can work all day or you can work 15 mins a day. 

The second way to make money at home from Amazon is by becoming an Amazon Seller. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit for it, becoming a seller for Amazon can bring in some big cash.

There are millions of people making a six figure income just from private labeling an existing product and selling it as their own.

This method of working from home requires some upfront investment for your product and some time to build your business, but within a few months you may be able to stay home full time by becoming an Amazon Seller.

real ways to make money from home youtube


In the age of the internet, more people are looking to online sources to learn new things and solve problems. I personally think that I’ve learned more from YouTube than I did from four years of business school. Not to mention that learning on Youtube is free, compared to the monstrous cost of student loans.

But did you know that you can make money by posting videos on Youtube? In a nutshell, YouTube pays by cost per impression.

Anytime someone watches an ad on your video, you get paid. With that said, after about 10,000 views, a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time in the past year are needed before the money starts flowing in.

In addition, you can also get paid by affiliate marketing and company sponsorships once you start getting views. There are dozens of millionaire YouTubers out there. You could be one of them!

real ways to make money from home instagram


Do you have a lot of engaged followers on your Instagram? If so, then you can look for opportunities to monetize your posts.

Companies are always on the lookout for profiles with a specific niche, aesthetic, and high follower account. If your profile has at least 10k engaged followers, you can make an average of $88 per post.

If you have a profile with at least 100k engaged followers, you can charge companies upwards of $400 per post to model their merchandise!

This is a great opportunity for people who are creative and great at marketing. Do you have what it takes to be an Instagram influencer?

real ways to make money from home customer service

Customer Service/Medical Billing

If you’re looking for a more full time gig, a customer service or medical billing position is one of the best real ways to make money from home.

There are countless companies hiring for these representatives. Just giving a simple Google search in the niche you’re looking for will give you current available jobs hiring.

The benefit of this opportunity is a steady, predictable pay that you would usually get from a 9-5 style job. Before you apply, just make sure you have the proper equipment such as a headset and a fast internet connection to ensure your success. 

real ways to make money from home tutoring

Online Tutor

Because of the Coronavirus, more students than ever before need online tutors. Online tutors make an average of $30 per hour, and can even make $50 to $60 per hour tutoring in more complex subjects like calculus and physics.

Tutor.com is a great website that can connect you with hundreds of students in need of tutoring in a range of different subjects.

VIPKid is also a great platform for tutoring, where you can help Chinese students practice their English. 

real ways to make money from home daycare


This is one of the best real ways to make money from home that nobody really talks about. Are you good with kids? Do you have some extra space in your home?

If so, opening a daycare in your home can be both fulfilling and give you a great income. The average cost of full-time daycare per month is $972 per child!

That means if you’re watching 10 kids full time, you can make $9,720 per month!

That’s enough to hire someone you trust to watch the kids for you, and all you have to do is manage the place.

I knew a woman in my neighborhood that ran a daycare of 20 kids for about 5 years or so. After that she moved to a much bigger house with all the money she had. I hope she’s living her best life. Get it sis. 

House Hack

Imagine if you could sit at home all day and let your money make itself? With house hacking you can!

Renovate your garage or basement into an apartment and rent it out for a few hundred dollars a month.

Take it up a notch and buy a multifamily and rent out one half and live in the other.

If you’re ambitious enough, you can have multiple properties that you rent out for profit. Eventually, you’ll be making money while you sleep! If you want to know more about house hacking, check out this article on how to get started. 

Start a Blog

Do what I do for a living and start your own blog! Depending on what you include in your blog, it can take a bit to start earning a decent income through your blog. The good news is that there are several different ways to monetize your blog including:

  • Printables
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Courses
  • E Books
  • Consulting Services

After about 50 blog posts your blog will naturally start to produce more traffic because Google will deem you as an established source for information.

So don’t give up after a few weeks. Persistence is key with this one!


Have you ever dreamed of owning your own clothing shop? Well with Shopify, you can now own your own online clothing store for just $40 by dropshipping.

Dropshipping is when you post a listing for an item that you would get at a wholesale price. On your website, you’ll markup the price a few dollars so you can make a profit when you make a sale.

The brilliant thing about dropshipping is that you never actually have to touch the merchandise. That’s right. The factory will mail directly to the person who placed the order. All you have to do is manage the customer service aspect of your website.

I did dropshipping for a bit before I started my blog, and was making around $1500 a month from it. Also, you don’t have to open a clothing store. You can dropship almost any product out there!

Grow a Specialty Crop

One of my favorite real ways to make money from home is by growing and selling a specialty crop. These are crops that are in high demand and therefore, can be sold at a high price.

If you have a lot of land, you can make up to $60,000 per acre every year! But you don’t have to have a ton of land to make a lot of money.

Just a 20×20 space of lavender can bring you an extra $1800 a year. With vertical gardening, you could create extra space and make even more! Some specialty crops include:

  • Lavender
  • Bamboo
  • Gourmet Mushrooms
  • Landscaping Trees
  • Bonsai Plants
  • Garlic


I hope that this article gave you some real ways to make money from home that are actually legit. Always remember to think outside of the box and be creative!

If you really try, almost any job can be done from home. Do you make an income online doing something that’s not on this list? Spread some love and share with us what you do in the comments!

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