The Best Way to Kill Negative Thoughts and Move On

We all of negative thoughts about ourselves every now and then. Especially with social media, we are constantly doubting if we are up to date, on trend, and in the know. When we feel out of place, sometimes our minds can get the best of us as the negative thoughts in your head take over.

The good news is that there are healthy ways to handle these negative thoughts so you don’t spiral into the black hole of low self esteem. Here are six ways to tackle your negative thoughts and move on with your day.

1. Be Aware of Negative Thoughts

As soon as you realize that you are thinking in a negative light, stop yourself. Take a deep breath and try to switch your mind to think about something else. I got this interactive journal so I had a humorous way to write down my feelings.

Try to keep in mind that the things that you think about can manifest as energy, so if you’re thinking about all of the bills you can’t pay, you probably won’t end up paying them.

2. Avoid Negative Triggers

If you don’t want to think about negative things, try to stay away from the things that trigger them. This can seem hard especially in the beginning because sometimes these negative triggers can actually be your own friends and family.

Always remember that you don’t have to talk to anyone that brings you down. Just because they’re your family does not mean they are healthy for you.

3. Listen to Music

Music is a fantastic way to change your negative thoughts. There are so many different genres to choose from you really can’t go wrong.

When I’m in a funk I try to listen to some good dance music to lift my spirits and sometimes I’ll even dance around a little bit.

I use Spotify for my music. It lets me set different playlists for different moods that I’m in. Plus it beats spending potentially thousands of dollars on iTunes. If you set positive intentions, more positive thoughts will come!

4. Keep Busy

Keeping yourself distracted is a great way to keep negative thoughts at bay. On some bad days I’ll clean my entire apartment from the top down while blasting a good playlist.

By the end of it, my negative thoughts that I had had dissipated and I felt a sense of accomplishment for being so productive.

If you’re looking for ways to organize your surroundings, check out my article on Minimalist Lifestyle Tasks That Will Change Your Life.

5. Go For a Walk

Exercise is a great way to think out why you are having negative thoughts and how to go about solving the problem. If it is something that can’t be solved, your mind will usually get distracted by your surroundings and you’ll be immersed in your surroundings instead.

In addition when you walk you are also burning calories. Every mile you walk burns 100 calories. That’s 700 calories if you walk a mile everyday!

I like to take my dogs for a mile walk every morning. Walking outside in the morning helps the whole family wake up, and getting fresh air never hurt anyone anyway.

In addition, I love getting in some extra endorphins on the weekends by taking long hikes in upstate New York.

6. Rest Up

When all else fails, rest is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Most people get irritated easily when they don’t get enough sleep, and in today’s world we are getting less sleep than ever before.

Before going to bed, put on a funny movie so you can get a good laugh before you hit the sheets. Make sure your room isn’t too warm since we tend to get our best sleep at around 69 degrees.


By trying one of these tricks, hopefully you’re negative thoughts will only become fleeting moments in your day and you can move on to more optimistic and productive things.

Remember that most problems are only temporary and won’t matter a year from now. Always remember to breathe and enjoy the moments we are alive and here to have.

Do you have any tricks for getting rid of negative thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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