What is The Tidy Dog Mom?

The Tidy Dog Mom is a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping all dog moms stay at the top of their game when running their house & raising their dogs.
I’m excited for you to join me on this journey of making a dog house a dog home. Let’s learn together & focus on improving something a little bit each day!

Raising The Dogs

If you’re a new dog owner, chances are you have more questions than answers. This section is all about Dog Health, Dog Training, Dog Friendly Recipes, and more!
You can also find fun posts on Dog Activities, Dog Accessories, and a special section just for Dog Moms !

Running The House

The only thing that gets harder after getting a dog is keeping your house clean. This section covers natural Cleaning methods that are safe for dogs including some of the Products I Use in my own house.
You can also find awesome posts about staying Organized and Productive, as well as the most important part of caring for a home; Self Care!

What You’ll Learn

As a Homemaker & Certified Life Coach, my main goal is to help you learn how to manage everything that comes with running a home with a dog in a productive & healthy way.
I focus on getting back to the basics with dog training, dog health, natural cleaning methods, keeping a green household, and more!

Say Hello

Are you a dog lover looking to guest post or get quotes for your own articles?
Let’s collaborate! 🙂
Reach out to me by email at tidydogmom@gmail.com and tell me what you need. I’m here to help!

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Check out my Etsy Shop that features cute dog mom tees, helpful ebooks, & more!
Profits go towards feeding my two hungry pitbulls and paying off college loans. 🙂